New Station Solutions Available with AX Jib and SMC Rail Carriage and Brake

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Atlas Copco continues to expand the scope of its product offering, this time with the addition of our new AX Jib and SMC rail carriage and brake products.

These products allow us to provide our partners with a more complete solution in stations where torque tooling is needed. In many cases, torque tools are suspended overhead for operators, and now Atlas Copco is also able to offer suspension solutions, which simplifies the purchasing process for companies that previously needed multiple sources to complete a workstation.

Meet the preconfigured AX Jib

The Atlas Copco preconfigured AX Jib is designed to provide overhead structural support to be used in conjunction with our SMC carbon fiber arm, as well as standard balancers. The AX Jib can be installed within a workstation to provide work area coverage for applications such as a workbench, conveyor, or a fixtured or portable stand. The fixed, mounted boom and adjustable suspension mounting bracket can be configured in multiple orientations to best fit the workstation layout, and the small footprint of the base plate occupies minimal floor space.

The accessory rails on either side of the pillar provide mounting for additional accessories.

Meet the preconfigured SMC rail carriage

The Atlas Copco preconfigured SMC rail carriage and the brake is designed to provide an overhead trolley mounting solution to be used on overhead rail systems and for moving assembly lines in conjunction with the Atlas Copco SMC carbon fiber arm. The preconfigured solution can be used with most major overhead rail manufacturers and can be ordered as a rail carriage assembly only, or with the brake option.

The brake is intended to be used in applications where the torque reaction force is perpendicular to the bridge rail or suspension trolley, eliminating movement of the trolley during tightening.

As preconfigured offerings, both of these products also feature short lead times. If you are interested in how these might be applied in your facility to simplify workstation design and improve the operator experience, check out the Value-Added Solutions page for more info.

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