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Oil-free air solutions for the textile industry

Producing beautiful fabrics, with the most sophisticated colors and patterns is an art. Choosing oil-free compressed air assists your business in delivering the highest quality textiles and fabrics. Our compressors maximize your operation’s uptime and provide the lowest total cost of ownership possible

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Oil-free for high quality

The ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification means, zero risk of our products contaminating the compressed air. This means we won't damage your company’s hard-won professional reputation due to oil contamination from our oil-free products

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Reduce your energy consumption

Our compressed air solutions for textile and fabric applications have multiple energy saving options such as the variable speed drive. Discover how reducing your environmental impact can improve profitability

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Peace of mind

Minimize the downtimes of your textile production process by trusting the reliability of our service network and products. Extended service intervals and monitoring systems allow you to carefully plan any needed maintenance

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Oil-free compressed air for all textile applications

We are a total offering supplier, meaning we provide end-to-end solutions in the field of compressed air for every application in the textile production process. Delivering a reliable one-stop solution for our customers adds to their efficiency and peace of mind.

Save consumption with energy recovery

Energy consumption of a compressor represents over 80% of a compressor’s life cycle costs. Additionally, 99% of their C02 emissions are caused by their energy consumption. Our energy recovery option allows our customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their products as well as their carbon footprint by recovering up to 95% of the electrical energy it requires.

Energy Recovery:

• Heating feed water to boilers to produce steam. Hot water is used for yarn and fiber treatment to achieve dimensional stability, wrinkle and temperature resistance, as well as increased volume.

• The coloring of fabric uses considerable volumes of hot water.

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Applications in the textile industry


Spinning methods including ring, open and air-jet spinning.


Yarn is intermingled using a jet of air through a nozzle.

Air-jet weaving

The yarn is blown across by a jet of compressed air as a means for weft transportation.

Pneumatic conveying

Compressed air is just for pneumatic transport of fabrics and PET chips.

Man-made fiber production

The production of partially oriented yarn (POY) and fully oriented yarn (FOY) uses compressed air.

Garmenting process

The production of garments is an organized activity consisting of processes such as laying, marking, cutting, stitching and more. Compressed air for pneumatic tools is used for many of these processes.

Winding/coning and dyeing non-woven textiles

Transferring the spinning yarn to a spool or cone is done with the help of compressed air in textile factories.


Winding yarn from a cone or cheese package on to a warp beam.


The process of straightening and parallelizing of fibers and the removal of short fibers and impurities by using a comb on combs assisted by brushes and rollers.

Wastewater treatment

Water used during the production of textiles must be treated before it can be released back into nature. More on wastewater treatment

Atlas Copco's Total air solutions in Kolhapur & Ichalkaranji - India, helps to reduce energy bill

Atlas Copco's Total air solutions in Kolhapur & Ichalkaranji - India, helps to reduce energy bill


Compressed air solutions for Textile industry

Oil-free air blowers and oil-lubricated compressors

Dryers and filters for the textile industry

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