Wellpoint surface pumps

WEL range

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WEL range


The complete Wellpoint dewatering solutions

The WEL range of fully automatic, rapid self-priming pumps is designed for wellpoint applications with a high flow rate.

WEL PTS wellpoint pump

WEL PTS wellpoint pump

The WEL PST model, a high-performance unit, is suitable for heavy applications where it needs to work 24 hours per day, with a highly efficient design that guarantees fuel savings.

  • Max. flow up to 340m3/h 
  • Increased utilization, Simple service and long service intervals 
  • Stackability, one by one

WEL ECO wellpoint pump

The WEL ECO is capable of drawing significant quantities of air and maintaining a wellpoint system under vacuum, or draining an excavation, thanks to the semi-open impeller, which also makes it suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspension.

  • +25% more efficient in deeper water 
  • Engineered design for severe conditions 
  • 15% space savings
WEL Tank wellpoint pump

WEL Tank wellpoint pump

The automatic WEL TANK range is suitable for applications with changing ground water level and flow requirements. Being electric driven, it is very silent, energy efficient and suitable to work in residential areas.

  • Max Head up to 32 m 
  • 30% fuel savings 
  • Compact size with maximum flow

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