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We can offer New Zealand customers a complete range of air compressor products

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Complete air compressor solutions

We can offer New Zealand customers a wide range of air compressor products and solutions. As one of the worlds leading developer and manufacture or compressed air products, we can offer the New Zealand market the right air compressor solution for all applications.

air compressor from Atlas Copco

Air Compressor from Atlas Copco

With the widest range of air compressor products we can provide the right product and solutions for your operations regardless what industry you are operating. From small works shops to large manufacturing sites in all industries including dairy, food manufacturing, processing and more.

Oil-free air compressors

Included in our air compressor line-up is some of the most advance and reliable oil-free compressors, delivering the compressed air you require without any oil carryover. So when you require assurance that your air is completely oil-free our certified Class 0 – 100% oil-free air compressor will provide you peace of mind like no other option could. Our oil-free air compressors are some of the most advance on the market delivering certified oil-free air and can be delivered with VSD drive, ensuring you are not wasting any energy in the process.

Air compressor solutions that keep delivering

Our focus when offering you an air compressor solution for your operation is the total cost of ownership. Our Energy efficient GAVSD+ air compressor is the perfect example of our innovative and holistic approach to air compressor development. It not only delivers the air you need, it delivers an average of 50% reduced energy consumption. The GAVSD+ in some cases has a pay-back period as low as 18-24 months, meaning the air compressor not only delivers the required air but also help you control your energy spending.

Get the right air compressor today

Operating in New Zealand presents some challenges that are unique and as a result you will require a unique solution for your situation. We can offer just the right solution, tailored to your requirement, regardless of your application. With air compressor products ranging from piston compressors to oil-free air compressor and to our most energy efficient air compressor ever, the GAVSD+ up to 75kW, we can find the right compressor for you. Complete the form on this page or call us on 0800 354 555 to learn more.

Regardless of your requirements we have air compressor solution to suit

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