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On-site air compressor service New Zealand wide

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On-site air compressor service New Zealand wide

As a world leading developer and manufacture of air compressor and vacuum solutions we know the importance of looking after your equipment. This is why we offer on-site service and maintenance for all types of air compressor installations, anywhere in New Zealand.

Properly servicing and maintaining your air compressor is the best way to ensure that your operation doesn’t encounter costly unplanned disruptions. In many cases one days unplanned downtime to your compressed air can cost more than one year preventive maintenance plan. Can you afford not to properly look after your compressed air equipment?

Flexible air compressor service options

We offer several levels of air compressor service options. From ad-hoc pay as you go service interventions to total responsibility plans for maximum uptime and availability to compressed air. Our various air compressor maintenance options are flexible and can be tailored to suit your operations and budget perfectly.

Local service – local knowledge

Our air compressor service technicians are located all around New Zealand. Our technicians live in your community and understand the unique local challenges that businesses faces. Operating on the south island is different from operating in Auckland, our locally based technicians understand this and can offer you the right solution for your business. Find your local based service branch or local technician today.

Learn more about our compressor service options

Call us today on 0800 354 555 to learn more about our preventative air compressor maintenance and service options. Let us help you find the best solution for air compressor service for your operations.

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