Swellex Electrtic Pumps

Robust, fast and quiet high pressure pump

E1 Pump


It can be adapted to any type of rig or equipment where electricity is available. The E1 pump can be used for manual, semi-mechnized or fully mechanized bolting. They can be ordered with required current voltage (depending on geographical location). They can be used with a remote control and also as a high pressure washer.

Technical data

Description Readings
Max. working pressure for water 320 bar
Inlet water pressure 2-20 bar
Max. supply water temperature 40oC
Flow rate 14 l/min at 50 Hz
Connection water Claw coupling (1/2")
Noise level at op. ear, 4 m away Below 60 dB (A)
Vibrations in the installation arm Not measurable
Length x width x height 420 x 775 x 450 mm
Weight installation arm with valve and chuck 6.5 kg
Pump weight 80 kg
Weight for hoses 2 kg
Weight for chuck  1.0 kg

Ordering information

Description Weight (kg) Product number
200-220VD   80.0 9899 7007 06
400 VY   80.0 9899 7007 07
440VY-60Hz  80.0 9899 7007 08
480VY-60Hz CSA  80.0 9899 7007 09*
525VD-50Hz   80.0 9899 7007 10
575VD-60Hz CSA 80.0  9899 7007 11*

* c/w remote control connections as a standard feature ** Data loggin pumps ** High pressure water features