100% oil free air for precious industrial metals processing

For all metallurgy and metalworking processes our compressors and generators guarantee a reliable supply of air and power conditioned to your exact needs.

Oil free to keep precious metals pure, or simply oil injected, from 0.3 bar up to 15 bar...

Our rental compressor range covers a wide variety of metal processing applications for both planned and emergency shutdown situations.

ISO-certified oil free air for precious metal applications

Over 140 years of experience in more than 160 markets has allowed us to design machines that meet your specific needs.

Metal production

When processing silver, gold and other precious metals you don't want to compromise your product quality.

As the industries' first company to produce ISO-certified oil free compressed air, we guarantee zero risk of oil contamination. It means zero risk of damaged or unsafe products, or of losses due to operational downtime. It means higher quality products.

Clean exhaust and ventilation air also means healthier work environments. In short: zero oil means zero risk of ruining your good reputation.