Saving deck space and rental costs for offshore maintenance operation

December 21, 2021

  • Customer challenge: to deliver high-pressure compressed air for the decommissioning of offshore multistring wellheads

  • Our solution: revolutionary 35-bar fleet delivers maximum capacity with a minimum of deck space

  • The result: achieving the output previously required by 2 units with just 1, saving on physical footprint and rental costs

State-of-the-art subsea equipment: powered by Atlas Copco

Our customer is specialized in both subsea and topside offshore operations for the oil and gas industry. They often use state-of-the-art, proprietary equipment to carry out complex tasks under extreme conditions. Equipment which typically needs to be connected to equally state-of-the-art compressor units that are capable of delivering high flow rates at high pressure. Preferably without taking up too much valuable space on already cramped offshore vessels and platforms! And that is precisely where Atlas Copco Rental – and its new fleet of 35-bar rigsafe compressors – come in. 

The pressure is on: an extremely high-performance compressor spread

The customer’s ultra-high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting system offers an innovative method for the internal cutting and removal of subsea tubular structures. For the abrasive material to do its job, however, the cutting nozzle needs to be constantly and reliably dewatered, often at extreme pressures deep beneath the surface of the sea. When initially trialing the new equipment, our customer contracted the only provider in the North Sea region capable of supplying a compressor package that’s up to the task: Atlas Copco Specialty Rental. 

Raising the bar: the same redundancy with half the physical footprint

When first trialing the new cutting system, we supplied  2 Atlas Copco Y35 RigSafe compressors fitted inside fully compliant DNV2.7-1 lifting frames. A low-footprint compressor spread that easily achieved the required pressure levels both safely and reliably. But it was around the same time that we launched our ground-breaking TwinAir 2800+ compressors, capable of delivering an impressive 35 bar of gauge pressure and flow rates of up to 2800 cfm, all from a single unit that fits inside a 20 ft DNV container. As a result, they achieved the same output and 100% redundancy from a single package that significantly reduced the required amount of deck space. And anyone familiar with offshore operations will know the value of that particular type of real estate! 

Sharpened competitive edge: a highly cost-effective solution

By switching to our revolutionary TwinAir 2800+ compressor, our customer saved more than just deck space. Renting half the number of units also means significantly lower rental, operating, and logistics costs. And since our new fleet of 35-bar compressors deliver more than enough capacity to power topside utilities as well, they ensure that our customer’s services are fully self-sufficient on the client’s rear deck.

The supervisors were highly satisfied with the compressor’s performance during operations, especially given the output and redundancy achieved from a single 20-foot container. And given the limitations on deck space in offshore activities, we’re certain the TwinAir 2800+’s extremely compact footprint means it will be in high demand for many other customers as well.

Gavin Sulley , Technical Business Support Manager at Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Europe
Twin Air

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