Calculate your total cost of usership

Calculate your total cost of usership here before investing in equipment. Considering the total cost of owning equipment versus renting to make the right decision and optimize your balance sheet. Find out whether you should own or rent.

Should you rent or own equipment?

Of course, renting and buying need not necessarily be mutually exclusive. A combination of both is quite common and, in many circumstances, to be recommended. By renting a proportion of your base and/or reserve capacity, you retain maximum control while sharing the liability during peak production and adding an extra buffer of reliability to your operations. All with the added peace of mind that your machine park – the means with which you create value as a business – is in the hands of trustworthy specialists.

Rental set up - Netherlands

A well-defined tipping point for usership

Did you know there is a well-defined tipping point at which renting your process-critical equipment becomes significantly more advantageous than buying it? Not only in terms of flexibility and risk management but also from the perspective of your bottom line. It takes into account the hidden factors we discussed previously.

Not sure when to rent, when to buy or when to do both? Contact your Rental Expert today for an obligation-free evaluation. Together we’ll calculate the total cost of usership of a range of possible scenarios based on your specific situation and figures. That way, you get a clear picture of how you can optimize your agility, both operationally and on your balance sheet. 

Make the shift from owning to using 

The total cost of any investment is a much bigger and more complex picture than the purchase price alone. You need to consider all kinds of hidden factors from transport and running costs to maintenance, inventory, depreciation, and divestment costs … to name but a few.

Your total cost of usership takes all of these factors into account.

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