Complementary packages & services dedicated to the mining industry

We ensure the right set-up for your temporary project

Whether you're looking for surface or underground mining equipment, Atlas Copco Rental will design, install & maintain the right set-up of equipment and complementary accessories for you to successfully complete your projects.

Our 24/7 premium rental service ensures you 100% working time.

Medium pressure portable compressors at 8.6 bar, high pressure units at 35 bar, electric generators, complementary services and packages like lighting towers and welding equipment: it all comes with our total solution approach.

  • Instrument air
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Cleaning air 100% oil free compressed air for a wide range of cleaning applications
  • Drilling air high power wheeled units for deeper drilling
  • Lighting
  • Waste water treatment
  • Electricity supply diesel powered generators for surface and underground

Reliable, flexible and safe mining equipment

Over 140 years of experience in more than 160 markets has allowed us to design machines that meet your specific needs.

  • Our high power portable air compressors are highly suited for drilling to be carried out more economically and faster. 
  • Our range of oil free air compressors reduce maintenance cost of your equipment and minimize the risk of contamination that can lead to an increased risk of fire. 
  • Our electric units can be used underground without compromising power or efficiency.

Specialized drilling applications

We also offer an extensive range of rental packages developed to meet the diverse needs of the drilling industry. This includes high pressure oil injected compressors optimised for the most demanding drilling applications.

7 reasons why Atlas Copco Rental gets the job done

  1. Industry first in 100% oil free air, ISO-certified 
  2. 140+ years of experience, at home in more than 160 markets 
  3. International service network, 24/7 availability 
  4. Top quality equipment, components and accessories 
  5. Save time and money with rental, from temporary need to planned and crisis situations 
  6. Total solutions approach: set-ups designed to match your needs 
  7. Reliable, lasting results thanks to excellent equipment and service

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Complementary packages & services dedicated to the mining industry

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