High performance pumping solutions for rent

Available for a wide range of applications


Water drainage, sand and waste dredging, trench cleaning, flow deviations of streams and rivers, among other liquid transfer operations in general.


Move fluids for the liberation of mining fronts, SUMP depletion and dewatering, drainage of rainwater or land springs, water control and dam stability, dredging of tailings, among other applications.

Industrial maintenance

Pumping of chemical and industrial waste, warehouse tank cleaning, hydrostatic testing of valves and piping lines... back-up or stand-by equipment, to maintain performance and operational efficiency..


Chemical cleaning of tanks and pipelines, channel drainage, oil and water separators, and other liquid transfer operations which require a special configuration.


Recovery and maintenance of sewage collection networks, bypassing the water / sewage stream, in emergency and temporary pumping operations such as cleaning of wastewater treatment plants, flood or urban drainage and emergency volume collection.

Fire fighting

Combined high flow and pressure are what is needed for emergency firefighting systems. Our pumps are also a perfect temporary solution during maintenance of the permanent fire fighting systems in industries.


Check out our range of heavy-duty pumps used to move large volumes of fluid

High performance pumping solutions for rent

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