Powerful output

Slow, powerful blows efficiently and quickly compact all types of backfill, including clay and soils containing high percentages of finely crushed or powdered material

Safe operation

Exhaust deflector directs air, moisture and oil away from the operator

High-quality materials

Heat-treated cylinder and chrome plated piston for a longer tool life

Fast tool changes

Aluminum butt held with clamp screw for quick, easy replacement

Continuous lubrication

Thanks to the integrated oiler

Lightweight and ergonomic

For single-person operation

Powerful tampers for all soil compaction jobs

Our pneumatic tampers are your go-to tool for compacting jobs, even for tough soil types like clay. Lightweight and ergonomic, these powerful backfill tampers can be operated by a single person.


- Compacting soil around foundations

- Compacting backfill in trenches

Tampers   TAM 14 TAM 19
Weight kg (lbs) 13,6 (29.9) 19 (41.8)
Length mm (in) 1320 (51.96) 1270 (50)
Body diameter mm (in) 71,4 (2.81) 98,4 (3.87)
Butt size mm (in) 127 (5) 158,8 (6.25)
Air consumption l/s (cfm) 8,4 (17.7) 13 (27.5)
Impact frequency bpm 800 780
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 20643) m/s² (ft/s²) 32,3 (105.9) 44,8 (146.9)
Sound pressure level (1S0 11203) dB(A) 95 94
Hose connection mm (in) 12,7 (0.5) 19 (0.5)

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