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On-site testing of Atlas Copco's first portable nitrogen membrane generator package


Full solution package

Get a full nitrogen generation system in combination with portable air compressors and boosters

Easy setup and operation

Simple commissioning, intuitive operation and efficient service are part of the design

Low total cost of ownership

Superior membrane technology is highly efficient and contributes to lower energy consumption

Efficiency unleashed: meet our new series of portable nitrogen gas generators

Generate high-quality nitrogen on site with our NM series of portable nitrogen generators. We offer a complete solution tailored to your needs, complemented by an extensive range of portable air compressors and boosters.


Easy-to-use NM series units can generate nitrogen with the required purity of up to 99 %, ensuring energy savings. With our N2 generators ensuring a steady supply even in the toughest conditions, your day-to-day operations are secure. Thanks to advanced membrane technology and top-notch design.


Atlas Copco’s nitrogen membrane generators as part of your full solution

Atlas Copco nitrogen gas generators on-site testing in Australia
Benefit from our total package solution to meet your specific requirements. Thanks to Atlas Copco's global presence and worldwide service network, we are able to offer superior services. Our experts can help you to find the perfect configuration for your purpose built nitrogen system and complete it with portable air compressors and boosters.

Stay in control of nitrogen purity

Advanced Atlas Copco controller for easy operation and setup of the nitrogen generator
Atlas Copco’s advanced technology allows you to easily generate nitrogen at air purity of your choice (up to 99 %), giving you the flexibility to align purity with your application needs. The integrated feed air filtration package ensures optimal performance, while the choice for lower nitrogen purity makes it possible to save on energy costs.

Effortless set-up and operation

Effortless set-up and operation is part of the design for Atlas Copco nitrogen gas generators
The NM series units are remarkable for their straightforward start-up and commissioning, making it easy to deploy a nitrogen system on site for any application.
The integrated feed air manifold connects various compressed air sources seamlessly, providing a hassle-free solution. Maintenance is a breeze, ensuring continuous operation with minimal downtime. And our global network is at your service to ensure optimal performance of your system.

Secure your business with a reliable nitrogen generator

Integrated nitrogen generation system solution tailored to your individual needs from Atlas Copco
You can count on Atlas Copco’s nitrogen membrane generators for a steady source of pure nitrogen. Our superior membrane technology sets us apart, resulting in low energy consumption. Using less energy per ton of nitrogen lowers your overall ownership costs to a minimum. Reliability is key for your application, and thus for our generator unit.

Specifications of Atlas Copco's nitrogen membrane generators

Technical data Value  NM 500-25 NM 1000-25 NM 2000-25 NM 3000-25
Free Nitrogen Delivery (FND) 95% Nm³/h 803 1605 3210 4815
  scfm 500 1000 2000 3000
Free Nitrogen Delivery (FND) 96% Nm³/h 722 1324 2729 4013
  scfm 450 825 1700 2500
Free Nitrogen Delivery (FND) 97% Nm³/h 562 1083 2247 3210
  scfm 350 675 1400 2000
Free Nitrogen Delivery (FND) 98% Nm³/h 401 843 1766 2568
  scfm 250 525 1100 1600
Free Nitrogen Delivery (FND) 99% Nm³/h 313 570 1284 1846
  scfm 195 355 800 1150
L x W x H mm 3050x2440x2620 3050x2440x2620 6100x2440x2620 6100x2440x2900
Weight  kg  3.856 5.216 9.525 11.340

Membrane nitrogen generators working principle

Membrane nitrogen generators working principle
First, every nitrogen generator requires a compressor to supply the air from which the N₂ will be separated. A membrane nitrogen generator makes this separation happen with a membrane that consists of thousands of hollow polymer fibers. These fibers have a unique structure that allows only the oxygen and any remaining water vapors in the air to escape through its walls. This process is called permeation.
Water vapors will permeate very quickly; oxygen takes a little longer. Argon and nitrogen permeate rather slowly, meaning that they will remain in the fibers long after the water vapor and oxygen are gone.
Once outside the fibers, the O₂ and water vapor is vented out of the membrane housing and disposed of outside or in a safe area. This leaves the N₂ inside the hollow fibers, ready to be collected at the outlet. With the water vapors removed, the produced nitrogen is very dry, which is an additional benefit for many applications.

Key applications for nitrogen generators: oil & gas, mining, shipyard

The main applications for nitrogen generators are in the oil and gas industry, mining and shipyards
Our nitrogen membrane generators are suitable for every possible application where nitrogen is required. The more nitrogen is required for your specific application, the bigger unit you go for.
The nitrogen generators can cover multiple applications, including under-balanced drilling, pipeline purging and pigging, coiled tubing operations, reservoir pressure maintenance, and fracturing, amongst others.
It’s versatility also extends to mining applications – think extinguishing coal mine fires and inerting abandoned areas, and shipboard applications where the unit’s help to create inert atmospheres in vessels carrying crude oil, chemicals, LNG gas, and LPG gas. This wide range of applications highlights the generators’ adaptability across various industries.

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