Pistol ErgoPulse PTI
EP7PTI55 HR10-MT product photo
The Pistol ErgoPulse PTI shut-off tool is the ideal choice if you are looking for a faster production line and high operator comfort. Reliable and a powerful shut-off pulse that automatically shuts off the air supply when the pre-set torque is reached. It has a dramatically increased service interval thanks to innovative solutions, keeping the tool on the line instead of the tool crib. All PTI models can be used as lubricant free, just like other ErgoPulse tools and can be adjusted between Trim and AutoTrim modes with just a quick turn of a screw.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84671190

Technical Specifications

Oil volume in full Pulse unit
9 ml
Noise & vibrations
Sound standard
Vibration standard
Vibration value
3.3 m/s²
EP7PTI55 HR10-MT product photo


8431 0381 50


Increased uptime – up to 5 times
High reliability and durability
Faster production
One-handed operation
Light and well-balanced tool


DuraPulse, new sealing and air separator
Consistent torque over time
Excellent ergonomics, fit for upside-down use
Equipped with automatic two-stage trim valve
TorqueBoost for faster torque build-up
High power-to-weight ratio
No springs to wear out
High precision components