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Time to calibrate?

Secure your quality and reduce defects through Tool Calibration and Accredited Quality Assurance Calibration.​
power tool calibration, tool testing, metrology, machine capability test

Service and support for industrial tools and assembly solutions

We support you all the way, from installation to maintenance and optimization of your tools and processes.

Local experts in a global network

We have 2000+ service employees, ensuring a strong global presence to support our customer both physically and digitally

Global presence

We are present in 90 countries, including 3 central service workshop, and 19 calibration centers worldwide

Proactive approach

We rely on our competence, standardized processes, and production data analysis to help customers anticipate potential issues and deliver preventive solutions for their specific needs. One step ahead.

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Spare parts
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Spare parts
Warranty information
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Warranty information
Product documentation in ServAid
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Product documentation in ServAid
Customized Project Support
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Customized Project Support

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A close-up of a person’s hands using a cordless, handheld ITB power drill. The drill is black and yellow, and there is an 18V battery pack attached to its base. The setting is a workshop or industrial environment.

Service for tightening and material removal tools

Installation, maintenance, optimization, and data analysis services for assembly tools and software, bolting solutions, material removal tools, motor solutions, and quality assurance equipment
Close-up of a K-Flow robotic arm for flow drill fastening. It is positioned in an industrial setting with a blurred background.

Service for fastening, riveting, and dispensing equipment

Installation, maintenance and optimization services for the SCA, K-flow, and Henrob product lines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance is any preventive action performed on the tool or joining equipment, which generally includes replacing wear parts or lubrication - for example, using the Maintenance Kit. After Preventive Maintenance, a test must be performed. If we are working with an assembly tool, calibration is also required. 

What is a Tool Management Center?

A Tool Management Center (TMC) is part of our ToolCover Uptime service level agreement. It's Atlas Copco's unique service model where our personnel are based in the customer’s facilities, on fixed schedules, within a designated space. In this space, they are equipped with all the necessary tools to repair or maintain Atlas Copco tools or other brands of tightening tools, removal tools, percussive tools, hoists, etc., as well as to manage the installed base.

At an Atlas Copco Tool Management Center, our certified service technicians and engineers perform specific Preventive Maintenance and Calibrations. They take responsibility for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Line Support, Setups, and ISO Document Management. We aim for lower TATs (Turn Around Times) to increase customer productivity.

How often should I calibrate tools?

Based upon the international guideline from ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), the calibration interval depends on several factors, including frequency of usage, required accuracy, and the internal quality requirements of your company. The customer’s quality management system should define the calibration interval, such as ISO9001. However, if there is no quality or regulatory requirement, we recommend calibration every 12 months for tools and measuring equipment. In many safety-critical or medical applications, the guidelines require an interval of 3 to 6 months.

Calibration is included in our preventive maintenance programs, namely ToolCover.

What is the fastest way to repair our dispensing, riveting and fastening equipment?

Try our Repair Center! Here we offer high quality repairs with original spare parts. Choose the repair strategy that suits you best, lower your total cost of ownership and stay in control of your budget. 

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