Filters, valves, separators, gauges and tanks

Filters, valves, separators, gauges and tanks

Accessories and fittings to complete and protect your vacuum installation

Our accessories to protect your system

Liquid separators

Atlas Copco's liquid separators provide protection from condensate, aerosols and liquid droplets on the suction side of vacuum pumps.

Inlet filters

Atlas Copco offer air intake filters for every application in the capacity and pressure range of our product portfolio.

Pressure gauges

Atlas Copco's vacuum gauges allow accurate measurement of pressure ranges.

Vacuum tanks

Vacuum tanks help to control the pressure changes in some applications.

Check valves and pump isolation valves

Valves can protect your pump or multi pump installations.

We recommend you to consider:

  • Pipework should slope away from the pump inlet and outlet. Liquid running back into the pump's exhaust can damage it as much as when it is sucked into the inlet.
  • Think about vacuum gauge location and measurement range. Put tappings where you want to monitor pressure and also rate of pressure rise (leak rate quantification).
  • Fit inlet commissioning screens and/or filters
  • Fit liquid separators on the pump inlet as necessary.
  • Do not forget to allow adequate maintenance access Last, a word of warning: try to avoid inadvertently designing-in excessive pressure drop by applying a belt and braces approach to protection, or having a tortuous pipe run.