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Oil-free low pressure screw compressors ZE & ZA (VSD)

Energy-efficient low pressure screw compressor solutions up to 4 bar(g) / 58 psig

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Efficient pneumatic conveying of bulk materials with our ZE low pressure screw compressor

Schomburg has facilitated the transport of their bulk materials through the installation of an efficient stationary compressor system. Two oil-injected GA screw compressors and two oil-free ZE low pressure compressors were installed. The installation improved the quality of the raw materials and dramatically increased the efficiency of the pneumatic transport. Schomburg has been around for 80 years. The core competences of the company are: building sealing, repair and tile composite sealing. Two of our ZE 2 oil-free compressors now supply the unloading points with conveying air. With the purchase of these compressed air solutions, Schomburg not only solved the noise problem, but also improved the compressed air quality and the conveying process itself.


Efficient air delivery

The innovative design of our low pressure rotary screw compressors makes them an energy-efficient solution which will help you optimize your operational costs.

Reliable performance

Our oil-free low pressure screw compressor range ensures you of continuous and reliable air flow, even in dusty environments.

Easy installation

The ZE/ZA low-pressure oil-free air packages can be quickly and easily integrated in your compressed air network, saving you time and money.

Discover our low pressure screw compressor range

The Class 0 certified oil-free air of our screw compressors makes them the perfect partner for any pneumatic conveying, especially in industries that require complete product safety such as cement, gypsum, and the food & beverage industry.

On top of that, our ZE/ZA range is ISO 220 000 certified which guarantees our products are suited for use in the food & beverage industry.

The advantages of our low pressure screw compressor technology

With a pressure up to 4 bar(g) / 58 psi and a flow up to 9,000 m3/h / 5300 cfm our low pressure rotary screw compressors are unique on the market, suited for a range of industrial applications such as pneumatic conveying applications, truck unloading, and fluidization.

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Reducing your operational costs

As energy costs are a compressors’ biggest lifecycle cost, it’s crucial that you consider the energy efficiency aspect of a compressed air installation when searching for your next compressed air investment. We are always looking for new ways to increase the energy savings of your production process, whether that means raising the industry standards for all low pressure screw compressors, optimizing our solutions to fit each process or offering you additional ways to recover energy.

High uptime - innovative core design

Oil-free screw element

Our ZE/ZA positive displacement screw compressors are designed with the highest reliability in mind, helping you avoid unexpected downtime of your process. Reliability starts at the core of our units: with our components.  The cooling jacket cools both bearings and the element housing to keep the element at the lowest possible temperature, which increases the lifetime of your components. Furthermore, the Elektronikon ® Mk 5 precisely controls the oil temperature to ensures optimal oil lubrication of the components for the best performance. 

A complete package: avoid unexpected installation costs

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: by offering you a fully equipped unit that is ready for operation upon arrival, you not only avoid any unexpected installation costs, it also ensures that all components are aligned to work together and offer you the best performance. For instance, the water cooled aftercooler which cools the process air is a necessary component as hot air can compromise the quality of your product. That is why it is always integrated into the design of our units - even in a 500 kW VSD units which are often available on the market without integrated water cooled aftercooler – excluding the need to buy and install one separately.  

Furthermore, by combining your low pressure screw compressor installation with dryers, air filters or even one of our service offerings, we can help you design a Smart AIR Solution which ensures you all parts of your compressed air installation are fully optimized to operate together.

Technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

66 l/s - 2,086 l/s

Capacity FAD

239 m³/h - 7,510 m³/h

Working pressure

1 bar(e) - 4 bar(e)

Installed motor power

30 kW - 522 kW


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Oil-free low pressure screw compressors ZE & ZA (VSD)

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