The XAS 188 portable air compressor offers an ideal solution for the construction industry

Atlas Copco has developed a new portable compressor solution for the US and Canadian markets. It is ideally suited for the construction industry and features best in class efficiency, easy servicing and an integrated controller. The XAS 188 was designed with input from local customers and is manufactured in the US, making it a perfect match for local conditions.
XAS 188 top open view 950x950
The XAS 188 is an exciting new model in Atlas Copco’s portable compressor range. It delivers 189 cfm of air at a pressure of 100 psi while generating enough power to drive two 90lb. breakers simultaneously. This enables construction crews to run 2 handheld tools, powered by 1 compressor. All this is achieved at a best in class efficiency by using the latest Atlas Copco screw element coupled to a diesel engine. Servicing the XAS 188 could not be easier. The compressor is designed with easy access to all serviceable components. Also, the use of spin-on filters means that no special tools are required for routine service tasks. An entire service can be completed on the XAS 188 in less than an hour. Standard service intervals are 1,000 hours, but this can be extended to 1,500 hours or two years with the cold weather service option. Atlas Copco also offers an extended warranty provided service intervals are upheld and genuine parts and lubricants used.
The new XC1004 smart digital controller

The new XC1004 smart digital controller

Atlas Copco’s XAS 188 is the first in our portable compressor range to have an integrated controller. The XC1004 controller replaces manual gauges and will be rolled out to other portable compressor models in the future. It is IP65 rated as both dustproof and waterproof. The XC1004 is also vibration and shock tested to ensure compatibility with the harsh operating environments of portable compressors. The XC1004 controller has a simple graphic display with intuitive navigation. Operating parameters like pressure, fuel level and running time are visible on the main screen. Other parameters can be accessed using the 4 buttons. The XC1004 features warnings for potential failure and servicing requirements. Color-coded banners make it easy to identify conditions requiring intervention and the emergency stop button is right alongside the controller panel. An optional fleet link module allows remote access to location and compressor data.
XAS 188 950x950
The XAS 188 compressor continues in the Atlas Copco tradition of flexible and safe design. It has the HardHat® canopy to protect the compressor from damage in extreme operating conditions. The 110% fluid containment undercarriage ensures that no spillage of compressor fluids will pollute the environment. An external lifting eye makes it easy to pick the compressor up while the vertical exhaust gives operators flexibility in terms of location. An extra feature of the XAS 188 is the tool storage area which can accommodate a 90 lb. hammer and other tools. The Atlas Copco XAS 188 is an exciting addition to the portable compressor range. It provides an ideal solution for the construction industry, easy servicing and an integrated controller for monitoring and troubleshooting.

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The XAS 188 portable air compressor offers an ideal solution for the construction industry

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