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Select the right compressor for your application

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Selecting the right compressor can be cumbersome as there are many factors to consider.  A logistic start is your application that determins the required pressure, flow and air quality.  But are you also considering your operation and organisation?  Number of operators, working sites, utilization rate, required transport and storage can all determin which compressor is the best fit for your need.

Flow and pressure needs

Your application will determin the pressure and flow that is required.  This demand can vary over time.  A compressor where you can easy change the pressure can avoid the need to bring in another compressor when the air demand changes.

Required air quality

The quality of your end product is the protection of your reputation. Applications from paint spraying to pipeline cleaning can be impacted by particles or moisture in compressed air.  In addition, high temperature can also damage your application.  Make sure to check quality air features like:

  • filters
  • aftercoolers

Available space on site

Size matters.  Free space is valuable, certainly on a construction site.  

Several compressors can provide the flow and pressure you need for your application, but they can greatly vary in size.  In addition, a foldable towbar further decreases the footprint once on site.

Also access to the site can be limited, for example:

  • Equipment needs to fit on a small lorry for transportation in a metro tunnel
  • higher floors can only be accessed by an elevator
  • For an indoor application, the compressor should be able to pass through doors (limited width and / or height)
  • Limited manouvere space on site

Boost the versatility of your equipment with the right additional features

When configuring your compressor, think about options that can improve your efficiency.

  • when you have extra (small) power needs on your site, a compressor with integrated generator eliminates the need to bring in an addtional generator
  • Operators often use other smaller equipment that can easy get lost on sites.  An integrated toolbox is convenient for easy, quick and safe storage, for example of a handheld breaker

Ventilation requirements

When working in closed off or underground environments (for example tunneling projects or mining applications), ventilation costs can be reduced by selecing an electric compressor instead of a diesel driven compressor.  As electric compressor do not add CO2 gases on the working site, they do not cause additional ventilation needs.

Transportation & mobility

Mobile compressors are designed to be deployed on various locations: from urban construction sites to remote pipelines.  Specifying your preferred transportation methods is valid to determin the compressor specifications you need.

Type of transport

Compressor transported by truck

central balanced lifting beam and towing eye mobile compressor

A well balanced lifting beam will avoid the compressor from unexpected movements during lifting

Compressor dimensions and weight can determin how many units you can fit on one truck, avoiding the need to organise additional transport. Lifting the compressor on the truck A well balanced lifting beam will avoid the compressor from unexpected movements during lifting. Make sure the towing eye can be reached easy and safely.

Compressor integrated on a utility vehicle

Service organisations often prefer to integrate a compressor on their vehicles, along with other equipment.  Most mobile compressors can also be mounted on a support but for optimal integration, make sure to check for the best footprint, weight as well as accesbility.  Consider the compressor will need to be operated and serviced after integration as well.

Towing a mobile compressor

towing a small air compressor below 750 kg without the need for a special drivers licence

Compressors up to 750 kg, can be towed without the need for a special driver's licence.

When the mobile compressor is designed for towing, transport can be very straightforward. Impact on licences Several countries issue weight restrictions when it comes to towing. In Europe for example, you can tow a mobile compressor up to 750 kg without the need to a special drivers licence. For rental companies, this eliminates the need to organize transport when customers only need to rent a small air compressor. Also road homologation rules are often different for various weight categories. Impact on the towing vehicle Make sure your compressor has the right tow bar and towing eye to fit the connection on your vehicle.

Frequency of transport

There are mobile compressors that change location every day, other remain stationary for several months.  When you have a high transport frequency, make sure to ask which features improve transport efficiency.