360° of the E-Air V1100 VSD

Discover all the features of the E-Air V1100 VSD

An electric mobile compressor, with VSD technology

Do you have an elecric power supply on your job site? Then consider going electric. The E-Air V1100 VSD delivers no less than 36,4 m³/min (1286 cfm) of air, with an adjustable pressure between 5 and 14 bar (72-200 psi).

Quiet, exhaust-free, compact and powerful. Where will you take your E-Air V1100 VSD next?

Electric mobile compressor for high flow demands

E-AIr V1100 at a construction site

Dust, rain, heat,... the E-Air V1100 VSD weathers through it all

Large construction sites, mining, quarrying, oil and gas... the E-Air V1100 delivers the high flows your application needs, without the diesel exhaust from traditional portable compressors. You can even run this electric unit indoors, thanks to the low noise levels and exhaust-free operation. But don't worry about leaving it out in the rain: every E-Air is ruggedized for all weather conditions.

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