Atlas Copco Geniune Oils

Developed to match our maintenance specifications, Atlas Copco fluids and lubricants help protect your investment, which keeps you productive and improves the resale value of your compressor.

- The correct fluids reduce equipment breakdowns and optimize your machine’s performance.
- Quality fluids last longer.
- Ordering from us simplifies the process and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers.

Cobra & Compactor Impact-Oil

Atlas Copco Cobra & Compactor Impact-Oil is a premium mineral oil for optimal performance and protection of the transmission and impact mechanism in Cobra breakers. Each oil bath has a capacity of 100 ml/3.4 US fl oz. They are checked periodically and refilled when the oil level drops, and they are replaced when a general overhaul is required, which is at least once a year.

This oil is formulated from a highly refined mineral oil and an advanced additive system. It features excellent high-temperature viscosity retention over extended service periods, performing well under the high loads of Cobra machines.

Cobra Mix-Oil

Your Cobra’s heart is a specifically designed two-stroke engine. To get the most out of it, you should use self-mixing Cobra Mix-Oil, which is thoroughly tested to fulfil the high demands of the oil mix. Its optimal engine lubrication at high temperatures gives low smoke and odor from the exhaust, keeping the engine and spark plug clean.

Cobra Mix-Oil is mixed with fuel in accordance with the model specification, typically in a 2% mix for the latest models. The 1l/34 US fl oz bottle last typically about 40 hours in the Cobra Combi, and up to 60 in Cobra TT and Pro models. The smaller 100ml/3.4 US fl oz bottles make it easy to have a 2% oil mix in 5l/1.32 US gal petrol cans.