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Service Kits for Cobra Petrol Breakers

Atlas Copco Kits are sets of spare parts for the most common repairs and maintenance operations, collected together in one box.

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When you acquire Atlas Copco equipment, you can count on outstanding and sustainable productivity. To make sure you maintain this level of productivity after service, it is vital to use machine parts designed and produced in the same way as the original ones. Only genuine parts, with their rigorous quality assurance, can fully uphold the integrity of your equipment and guarantee high performance. Using genuine parts translates into high uptime and maximum productivity over a long time.

Start-Up Kit

Start-Up Kit has all the Atlas Copco preventative maintenance parts to service the equipment according to the scheduled maintenance intervals, for one year normal usage. With the Start-Up Kit, adding the corresponding working tools for the application you work in, you may have all you need to keep your machine up and running now and in the next future.

Content varies depending on your machine model, and as guideline the following is included:

  • Cobra & Compactor Impact-Oil 1 l / 34 US fl oz bottles 
  • Cobra Mix-Oil in a box of 12 x 0. 1 l / 3.4 US fl oz bottles
  • One engine maintenance kit (including air filters and spark plugs)
Features: Benefits:
  • The Start-Up Kit includes all parts you need to cover your initial scheduled service operations, to keep your machine in production for approximately one year on normal operation, including engine parts.
  • Work without interruptions with the most common items readily available for the scheduled maintenance, increasing your uptime.
  • Use of Atlas Copco’s genuine consumables and parts extends the lifetime of all major components, saving you time and money.
  • The Start-Up Kits meet Atlas Copco’s warranty requirements.
  • One Start-Up Kit per machine model available and orderable using a single reference.
  • Easy to manage, saving you time and administrative costs. One order includes all articles you need for your new breaker. 
  • The Start-Up Kit is delivered in an all-in-one box.
  • All articles for the maintenance of your equipment are in one place. Save on storage and transport costs.
  • Kits are attractively priced, with a lower cost than purchasing items individually.
  • Cost-effective solution that keeps your maintenance budget low.

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Kits

Predictive Maintenance Kits are sets of those maintenance parts that are most commonly used in the service and repair operations, according to the maintenance schedules of your machine. These kits are designed to save you money, time and energy, as well as protecting your investment. Wearing depends on a lot of factors, and a worn part can affect your breaker’s performance and trigger major breakdowns. Because of this, we recommend your breaker is inspected regularly and that you keep to your maintenance schedules and wear limits. All these customized kits are developed for your Cobra machine according to the specific service demands of each model. They cover all the requirements of oil, fuel, and air filtration, as well as some surrounding parts that need to be replaced at each service interval or after reaching the wear limit. The content of each kit varies, depending on the model and service interval, but typically they include:

  • Engine service kit
  • 250h/6 months service kit
  • 500h/12 months service kit
  • Wear kit for tool chuck

Repair Kits

When things go wrong, it might be because parts have broken or failed. For this reason, Atlas Copco created Repair & Overhaul Kits, which make it easier to identify parts and minimize downtime. 

Features:  Benefits:
  • The Service Kits supplied by Atlas Copco contain every item, down to the last seal. 
  • Save time getting the right parts. 
  • Service Kits cover all maintenance parts, including those for the engine. 
  • Covers your complete maintenance needs. So from now on you can rely on just one source for all your spare parts.
  • One reference number speeds up delivery. 
  • Easy to obtain: Service Kits are readily available. 
  • Using Service Kits allows you to plan the maintenance in advance. The kits are attractively priced, at a lower cost than purchasing the individual items. 
  • Keep your maintenance budget low. No unforeseen surprises will upset your budget. When you consider the time and money saved by not having to find, order and install separate spare parts, a Service Kit is definitely the most cost-effective maintenance solution.

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