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DAKKS Accredited

We are the UK's only fully DAKKS accredited calibration laboratory. No need to send your tools away and delay the process. Your tools are received here, calibrated and returned.

UKAS Equivalent

DAKKS is a full UKAS equivalent recognised worldwide under the ILAC agreement. However, we are also working with UKAS to secure their accreditation as well.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are trained to calibrate your tools for both torque and angle, with full knowledge of industry requirements, national standards and measurement uncertainty analysis.

Atlas Copco Calibration Service means complete peace of mind

To ensure the highest possible quality and productivity in your assembly operation, and eliminate costly reworking further down the line, you need to be certain about the performance of your power tools. That's where our calibration services come in. We ensure that your tools and equipment are always perfectly calibrated, programmed and adjusted.

Why calibrate your tools? The accuracy and performance of your tools will have a direct impact on your production quality, and because of that your costs! Regular maintenance, including calibration by professionals can reduce your production costs by lowering the chances of production problems caused by inaccuracy during assembly.

Calibration ensures:

- Compliance with regulations, norms and standards
- High quality production
- Assured production processes
- Avoidance of costly rejects and reworking
- Customer satisfaction through fault-free products
- Security for audits
- Evidence in the case of liability issues

We are the only DAKKS accredited calibration lab in the UK

As a fully certified DAKKS calibration laboratory we are the only company that can offer certification for both torque and angle. Measurement of both means a more accurate tightening strategy can be implemented, and therefore increased quality assurance in your manufacturing or assembly processes.

  • Pocket Guide Measurement and Calibration for Tightening Systems 2.4 MB, PDF
  • Calibration Lab UK DAKKS Certficates 279.2 kB, PDF

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