Die grinder

When accessibility is your first priority.


Product safety for grinders

Product safety for grinders. Learn more about safety features on Atlas Copco grinders and what measures the operator has to take to take for a safe operation. Atlas Copco puts safety first and all our tools are tested at our plants.



Ergonomics and productivity in perfect harmony in our die grinders!


Small & high speed models available

For precise grinding and polishing at die making and e.g. renovation of air craft engines.


Scatter damping models available.

Speed governor

For optimum process speed.

Our die grinders

As grinders tend to be used over long periods of time, it is important to reduce vibrations as much as possible. Vibrations are caused by out of balance cutting burrs and by the grinding process itself - that's why we offer scatter damped die grinder. Click and watch movie in top of page to learn more about this!

Atlas Copco die grinders are available in straight or angle versions in a wide range of sizes and power outputs. All the tools fulfil the highest standards and requirements in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and productivity. Like all Atlas Copco tools, they are easy to work with and built to last. All our die grinders can be equipped with spot suction kits to reduce the health risk for operators exposed to potentially dangerous particles.

Up to 0.51 kw

Die grinders are an excellent choice for high quality finishing and surface preparation in applications where accessibility is your first priority. Atlas Copco die grinders are high quality tools with compact, ergonomic designs that offer excellent accessibility. LSF12/19 are straight models, ergonomically designed for operator comfort and equipped with a speed governor for optimum process speed. LSF 19 models are available in scatter damping versions, which give improved life length of burrs and reduce vibrations for the operator. LSV12/19 are angle versions with the same features as the straight models. LSF07 is a high-speed pencil-type tool for precision grinding and polishing.

Between 0.66-1.35 kw

In applications where you want more power but still need accessibility, these die grinders will be your first choice.

LSF 28/38 die grinders are designed with focus on power and productivity. The tools are equipped with a speed governor for optimum process speed. They are available in scatter damping versions, which give improved life length of burrs and reduced vibrations for the operator.

PRO series

PRO die grinders make easy work of fine grinding and finishing as well as buffing and rough finishing. The PRO die grinders are designed to be powerful and lightweight.

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Did you know?

Every third car in the world was made with our tools.

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