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Customized Project Support

We offer engineered solutions that cater to your specific needs, combining expertise, innovation, and customized approaches to enhance assembly processes and productivity.

Secure and convenient access to all your Atlas Copco delivered customized projects in one place

At Atlas Copco, our commitment revolves around close collaboration with our customers to thoroughly understand their applications and assembly processes. This enables us to deliver efficient, high-quality systems that positively impact overall productivity. Our goal is to enhance our customers' return on investment by increasing safety, productivity, and energy-efficiency.

Atlas Copco Service representative and customer handshaking in the production site

Our highly-trained engineering team possesses a deep understanding of the entire assembly process. We develop solutions that meet both functional and ergonomic requirements, incorporating operator interfaces and system optimizations. The team also creates detailed documentation to support the lifecycle management of each custom solution.


When your solution is successfully delivered, you will promptly receive an email with a link to access your project details on our Project Information Portal (PIP). PIP offers a secure and user-friendly platform consolidating all your Atlas Copco delivered projects in one central location.


This comprehensive repository may encompass:

  • Project-specific details
  • Technical specifications
  • Component list
  • Spare parts list
  • 2D drawings
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Pertinent safety information
  • Product instructions/user guides

The availability of these resources is tailored to the unique requirements of your project.


Additionally, you can scan the QR code on tools installed, granting direct access to your project information. This ensures quick sharing of your local project details or specific documents with colleagues. PIP facilitates current collaboration and serves as a foundation for future enhancements and digitalization initiatives.



If you don't have the access yet, contact us!

Please reach out to your designated Atlas Copco project contact and share your email details along with your project plant to get access to the PIP. Following this, you will be registered, and login information for the portal will be promptly provided to you.


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