submersible pumps

Your drainage, sludge, and slurry pumping solutions

☑ Water density up to 14.18 lbs./gal
☑ Handles solids up to 2.5 inches
☑ Up to 40% lighter in weight
☑ High wear resistance

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We understand the dewatering needs of our customers, which vary with location and application. Accordingly our submersible pump range is developed for drainage (D), sludge (S) and slurry (L) applications. These applications call for pumps designed specifically for handling corrosive and abrasive media and their solid contents.

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WEDA D submersible family full range
WEDA D Pumps

Drainage Pumps // 9.18 lb/gal water density // Top discharge // Solids up to 0.47 inch // pH value from 5 to 8

WEDA S submersible pump full range
WEDA S Pumps

Sludge Pumps // 11.68 lb/gal water density // Bottom side discharge // Solid handling up to 2 inch // pH values from 5 to 8

WEDA L submersible full range
WEDA L Pumps

Slurry Pumps // 14.18 lb/gal water density // Bottom side and top discharge // Solid handling up to 2.5 inch // pH values from 2 to 10

Industrial Submersible Pumps 101 Webinar

WEDA D range
Watch this on-demand webinar with Atlas Cocpo's Pump Product Manager, Andreas Neufeld, on Industrial Submersible Pumps and their applications.

You'll learn:
- Types of pumps
- Submersible pump applications
- Tips of the trade
- What to look for in a quality pump

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