Centrifugal diesel driven dewatering pumps

open frame trailer mounted

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Made to go where you need to go. With features that make it easy to transport.


One pump should cover multiple applications. Focus on modular designs.


Tested, performed and verified in the toughest working conditions.


Focused on reducing fuel consumption. Made to suit any environment.

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Easy access to all parts and consumables.

Wet and Dry Prime Options

The PAS open frame pump systems consist of a highly efficient diaphragm pump with a semi-open impeller and a large separator. Air is separated from the liquid and sucked by the vacuum pump, making automatic and efficient priming possible. We offer both wet prime and dry prime options.

Even with suction heights of multiple feet, both ranges rapidly evacuate the air from the suction pipe and start to pump. The semi-open impeller makes both ranges suitable for pumping liquids with solids in the suspension.

PumpWatch: a unique controller system which puts you in full-control!

The PumpWatch controller

A dewatering pump as a trailer

PumpWatch controllers were designed and engineered to keep up with the constantly evolving demands of today’s water moving industry. These versatile control systems combine a comprehensive I/O and functional feature set with an easy to navigate menu structure.

The PW750 comes as standard with all PAS units. The advanced capabilities of the optional PW1000 are significantly enhanced by its event management system, allowing the user to define operational conditions to trigger events,warnings, faults and alarms, which can even be received remotely. PumpWatch supports accessories including transducers, float switches, flow meters and pressure gauges. The standard software supports display menus in 13 different languages in addition to the industry standard J1939 and RS485 protocols. Both models feature propriety designs to deliver unmatched durability and dependability in the harshest of environments.

Dry prime data tables

Wet prime data tables

Download library

  • Pas open frame dewatering pump US 1.2 MB, PDF

Product variations

PAS 100 HF; PAS 4 DDM - W 260; PAS 150 HF; PAS 6 DDM - W 250; PAS 200 HF; PAS 4 WDM - W 250; PAS 6 WDM - W 250; PAS 8 WDM - W 305; PAS100HF; PAS4DDM - W 260; PAS150HF; PAS6DDM - W 250; PAS200HF; PAS4WDM - W 250; PAS6WDM - W 250; PAS8WDM - W 305

Can we pump it?

Learn more about Atlas Copco's complete offering when it comes to dewatering pumps. From electrical to diesel and gasoline options, we have the pump that is right for your application.


Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Our WEDA range of electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps is truly portable, made for professionals while service is always simple.