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Our swing door solution on the main pump intake significantly helps to reduce service time. With very few steps, you can open the suction plate and access the pump. The compact PAC H range offers dimensions that allow you to transport up to 3 units on a regular 48ft flatbed trailer. Meaning you save an average of 33% in transport costs, and reduce your C02 footprint. The PW controller series enables users to get the most out of the pumps in any application. There is automatic operation via transducer and floats and complete engine management with alarms and fault shutdown. FleetLink connectivity means the customer is always in control of the fleet. The closed impeller is equipped with deflector vanes that keep the mechanical seal clean and free of detritus. This unique hydraulic design helps the mechanical seal last three times longer.

660 gpm High Head Pump

PAC H43C Atlas Copco pumps are designed to handle the toughest applications and provide best-in-class pumping performance. With a maximum head of 302 feet and a 74 horsepower engine, the PAC H43C model can handle solids up to ¾ inches in diameter. The compact trailer design provides easy maneuverability on site and good road towing experience.


Qmax gpm 660
Hmax ft 302
Engine   Kohler KDI 2504TCR

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2000 gpm High Head Pump

The PAC H64 has a maximum head of 500 feet, flows of up to 1,950 USgpm, and handles spherical solids up to 3 inches. An enclosed impeller provides 69% efficiency at B.E.P. for optimal pumping results with minimal effort. The compact size of this pump allows up to 3 pumps transported on a 48 feet flatbed trailer to minimize the transport cost.


Qmax gpm 1,950
Hmax ft 500
Engine   John Deere 6068HFC08

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6400 gpm High Head Pump

The PAC H108 pump forms the largest pump in the line of Atlas Copco high-pressure water pumps. Powered by a 325 horsepower diesel engine, the pump delivers 360 feet of head and flows up to 6,400 gallons per minute. With spherical solids handling up to 3.5 inches, this pump is designed for your toughest applications. The 50 cfm diaphragm pump provides fast automatic priming.


Qmax gpm 6,400
Hmax ft 360
Engine   John Deere 609HFC09

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