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Every E-Air VSD has multiple compressors in one; thanks to integrated PACE technology. On the XC2003 controller, you can easily select the pressure your application requires from a wide pressure range. The E-Air VSD range is not only a sustainable solution for the environment. The total cost of ownership is impacted by performance, ease of use, service, efficiency, resale value... The E-Air VSD range ticks all the boxes. Thanks to the U-Flex design of the hood, it’s easy to access all service points of the E-Air H450 VSD. Maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your fleet and uncover potential for optimization and savings.

E-Air VSD Compressors

A new range of E-Air VSD compressors by Atlas Copco redefines performance, efficiency, and versatility. While the E-Air compressors are easy to install and operate, their VSD motors are powerful, streamlined, quiet, and energy-efficient. This line of air compressors boasts low emissions, unparalleled efficiency, low noise levels, and a plug-and-play design that can be used anywhere.

H185 VSD

E Air H185

Free Air Delivery cfm 131 - 191
Working Pressure psi (g) 72 - 174
Socket Connection A Smart Socket 60A (UL certified)

H250 VSD

E Air H250

Free Air Delivery cfm 178 - 233
Working Pressure psi (g) 72 - 174
Socket Connection A Smart Socket 60A (UL certified)

H450 VSD

E-Air H450 VSD electric mobile compressor with variable speed drive technology

Free Air Delivery cfm 360 - 466
Working Pressure psi (g) 72 - 190
Socket Connection A Camlock

V1100 VSD

E Air V1100

Free Air Delivery cfm 790 - 1285
Working Pressure psi (g) 72 - 203
Socket Connection A Camlock

Common FAQs for Electric Compressors

What is an electric air compressor?

An electric air compressor is the emission-free version of an air compressor. The machine converts electrical power into potential energy by compressing and pressurizing air. When this compressed air is released in a quick burst, kinetic energy is released. This energy can be used for operating a variety of industrial equipment.

How does an electric air compressor work?

An electric air compressor is a pneumatic machine that turns electricity into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing air. The kinetic energy is released when this compressed air is released in a quick burst which can be used for many purposes. An electric air compressor is easy to operate. You only need to connect your compressor unit to the electrical grid and you can immediately start using the machine.

What are the benefits of an electric air compressor?

Electric air compressors have many benefits over non-electric ones. The machines make a significant difference to sustainable operations and reduces the user’s footprint. The unit does not produce emissions, is low in noise and easy to use. The total cost of ownership is lower than other variants and the machine has an increased reliability which leads to less downtime.

What are the different types of electric compressors?

There are two types of electric compressors: Fixed Speed (FS) and Variable Speed Driven (VSD). The main difference between the two is the way the motor is controlled. A fixed speed compressor provides the motor with frequency and voltage at a consistent rate. A variable speed drive however automatically adjusts the motor speed and elements to the air demand.

How does an electric variable speed compressor (VSD) work?

A variable speed compressor (VSD) automatically adjusts the motor speed and elements to the air demand of your production. The compressor speeds up or slows down the motor according to the air that is needed. This means that a VSD unit can operate anywhere in the range between its minimum and maximum speed, and it automatically adjusts the speed so production of compressed air matches demand in real time. This capability conserves energy since the compressor doesn’t have to run flat out whenever it’s on, which leads to lowers running costs.

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