Atlas Copco Rental #842 | Air compressors in Covington, GA USA

Rent oil-free air compressors, nitrogen generators, dryers, steam equipment and more from your local solutions experts, right here in central Georgia.

Atlas Copco Rental — a division of Atlas Copco, a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable productivity solutions — is your local source for the short- or long-term rental of high-quality industrial equipment and machinery. Beyond offering our reliable fleet of Atlas Copco air compressors, nitrogen generators, dryers, steam equipment and more, we can serve as your in-town rental specialists, providing the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise needed to tackle all of your industrial projects. Our service offerings in central Georgia include:

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Our motto: Total Solutions

Our job begins as you give us a call. At Atlas Copco Rental, we are committed to working with you and providing full support across the life of your project. Beyond renting out machines for simple jobs, we specialize in providing full spreads for complex applications and the technical expertise, knowledge and support needed to ensure a smooth project.

Why rent?

When the project and need are temporary, the benefits of renting heavy equipment over buying it are extensive. Among the things to consider:

  • Budget: When equipment is rented for short-term use, customers can stop paying for the equipment when the job is done. Additionally, when the equipment is rented from Atlas Copco Rental, any needed maintenance is included and performed by our experienced technicians.
  • Technology: In a competitive rental market, suppliers tend to offer up-to-date equipment that incorporates the latest technologies — while purchased equipment can quickly become outdated. At Atlas Copco Rental, all equipment supplied incorporates innovative Atlas Copco technologies and features the brand’s renowned quality and reliability.
  • Storage: Heavy equipment can only stay in the field for so long before beginning to fall victim to the elements, making it vital that equipment owners store their purchases indoors when not in use. With Atlas Copco Rental, on the other hand, the storage of bulky equipment is not a client concern, as we will promptly retrieve any rented equipment when the job is done.
  • Transport: Moving heavy equipment is an expensive endeavor — especially when the equipment is stored a significant distance from the job site. This reality can greatly impact the profitability of a faraway job, often even rendering it financially unfeasible. With Atlas Copco Rental’s global presence, though, equipment is always nearby, and we’ll deliver it directly to your job site. 

On top of all of this, at Atlas Copco Rental, you get more. With Atlas Copco Rental, you never get “just the machines.” We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, which means you get exactly what you want when you need it. Our team manages the entire process from start to finish.

Why choose Atlas Copco Rental?

When you partner with Atlas Copco for a project, it's about more than getting the equipment you need — it's also about having a knowledgeable and experienced partner by your side from day one. Whether you need air, nitrogen, or steam, and whether your project has long been planned or is part of an unanticipated crisis response, Atlas Copco’s expert engineers can design a made-to-measure, certified solution.

With our international fleet and a local presence in markets throughout the world, transport of rented equipment is fast and simple. Once the equipment is on-site, Atlas Copco Rental’s experienced personnel will handle complete installation of all rented units and accessories — all of which are designed for rental, and features innovative Atlas Copco technology. If needed, Atlas Copco Rental can even provide on-site service technicians for decommissioning, maintenance, fuel management and training/supervision.

The results: successful projects at a significant savings vs. buying the needed equipment.