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Class Zero: a must in all industries where air quality is paramount

All end-customers prefer an oil-free end-product. What about you?

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Oil-free air is used in all kinds of industries where air quality is paramount for the end-product and the production process.

ISO 8573-1: Class Zero for Zero risk of contamination

These applications include food and beverage processing, chemical and petrochemical processing, electronics manufacturing, medical sector, automotive paint spraying, textile manufacturing and many more.


Learn more about ISO 8573-1 (2010) CLASS 0 and how Atlas Copco oil-free compressors eliminate the risk of air contamination and reduce the operating cost of compressed air in your business and find out why the world choses oil-free.

Oil free VS Technical oil free

What is the difference between oil-free and technical oil-free compressed air?

Class 0 & Atlas Copco

We have a wide range of 100% oil-free compressed air solutions.

Do you have access to the grid? Select an electric driven compressor!

Mobile electric driven oil-free air compressors to rent

You require 100% class zero oil-free compressed air onsite - and want to connect to the grid? We have the best match for you in our rental fleet!

Need compressed air but don't have access to the grid? We have a wide range of diesel driven compressors, optimized to be as efficient as possible for your application.

Mobile diesel driven oil-free air compressors

You need 100% class zero oil-free compressed air... but don't have connection to the grid? We have you covered with a full range of oil-free diesel driven air compressors.