Advantages of Renting a Boiler

The need for continuous operation of boilers

Running a manufacturing facility requires huge amounts of capital and operating expenditures. Short interruptions may result in massive losses in production facilities. It is essential to avoid downtime whenever possible and carry-on production non-stop to minimize production costs.

Setting up a preventive, or predictive maintenance schedule is imperative to ensure minimal downtime. Equipment needs to be serviced and maintained regularly. For example, a boiler system must deal with various issues such as scale buildup, leaks, sludge, foaming and corrosion for a long, breakdown-free service life. Some of these issues may only require a short maintenance break, but if left un-attended these issues can lead to long downtimes. 

Since production must continue during these planned maintenance breaks, it becomes crucial to plan for alternative methods of steam supply.

A smart solution to ensure an uninterrupted steam supply is to rent industrial boilers for use during the planned maintenance of various facility equipment. There are a host of underrated advantages to this. Let us explore some of these.


Advantages of renting an industrial boiler

The advantages of renting an industrial boiler far outweigh its disadvantages. They are quick and easy to set up, use and return as per need. The following advantages make renting boilers a prudent decision.


●     Ideal for seasonal demands

●     High availability

●     Quick transport and complete installation

●     Safe and efficient

●     High flexibility in production capacity

●     Quality maintenance


Ideal for seasonal demands

In many industries, production fluctuates round the year based on product demand. There are months when the required production exceeds the manufacturing capacity of the factory, followed by months when the demand wanes.

In such cases, renting an industrial boiler is far more economical than investing in a permanent boiler. You can rent extra boilers during periods of high production and return them when the demand eases off. In this way, you can easily meet your production objectives while only paying the rent for the boiler when it is needed and nothing during the rest of the year. Such a model allows you to delay a boiler purchase until the demand increases or at least becomes more stable.

High availability

Rental boilers have high availability, especially if you book them well in advance. That’s not to say they cannot be provided at short notice, but since planned maintenance is a scheduled activity, it is possible to know when a boiler would be needed.

But even in the case of emergencies, when machines suffer an unexpected breakdown and it is difficult to establish a timeframe for how long it will take to carry out repairs, rental boilers can be a lifesaver.

Boiler rental companies can ensure your machines are up and running in no time. Rental boilers are available in a wide range of steam pressures and outputs to match your needs. You can hire them for short-term as well as long-term. Atlas Copco Rental has several experts that can help you choose the right boiler for your needs and budget within a short time.

Quick transport and Ease of Mind

Rental boilers can be delivered quickly to your facility. The provider will help you determine the right location for the boiler and either assist with the setup or carry out a turnkey installation. Rental boilers require a shorter installation time compared to permanent boilers. This means that they can be put to use within hours, which is crucial in cases of an emergency. Such a quick service reduces costly downtime.

Safe and efficient

Rental boilers are maintained to the highest standards. They are also tested frequently to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible with minimal monitoring. They are reliable, standalone, and stable units that have all the components segregated from other industry equipment.


One example is the RH-800, a containerized unit that has all the boiler components within the container and connections are provided on the outside to connect the industrial lines. The complete boiler package includes water softeners and deaerator tank; capable of outputting 27,600 LBS/Hr of steam at 250 PSIG.   It can deliver superior performance and while ensuring a high degree of safety for operators, other employees, facility equipment and the environment.

High flexibility in production capacity

Boiler rental companies can provide boilers in a wide range of capacities. If a rented boiler provides too little or too much output, it can be swapped easily by the provider within hours. The same is not true for permanently installed boilers. While they are selected keeping in mind expected peak demand, unforeseen contingencies can lead to inadequate output and halted production.

Quality maintenance

Boilers fail all too often because of incompetent maintenance. This, however, is rarely the case with rental boilers. They come with 24/7 expert guidance, support and maintenance that avoid breakdown altogether. Many boilers are also integrated with remote monitoring technology for engineers to stay up to date on boiler health. Besides, boiler rental companies maintain proper maintenance routines and timely boiler water treatment procedures to ensure boilers perform their best at all times. Even when a breakdown occurs unpredictably, it is resolved quickly.

Summing it up

Boilers are undoubtedly important to many industries and would bring them to a standstill when out of service.


Renting a boiler ensures your facility receives a high-quality boiler at an affordable price for the duration of your planned maintenance. They are a cost-effective way to continue production seamlessly during your maintenance break.


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