Atlas Copco Rental UK delivers hot dry air solution with optimum efficiency and minimum downtime

February 26, 2021

Atlas Copco Rental UK provided a 100% oil-free and hot dry air solution to dry out new pipework installations on a site in Northern Ireland

Radley Engineering is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture, fabrication and site installation of stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic materials. The company required an oil-free, dry, hot air compressor package for a project in Northern Ireland. Upon recommendation, they turned to Atlas Copco Rental for the solution!

An agile approach

Adapting to the restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to uphold our belief that safety is of paramount importance, we held a virtual meeting with the Radley Engineering team to fully understand their requirements.

Working closely with their team, we identified that they needed a 100% oil-free, dry, hot air compressor package, for a three-week rental period, to dry out new pipework installations on a site in Northern Ireland. Utilising this knowledge, our passionate experts harnessed their extensive application and equipment expertise to design a reliable and efficient rental solution.

The PTS 800 at the heart of the Total Solution

At the heart of our solution was a PTS 800. Class Zero certified, the PTS 800 is a 100% oil-free diesel driven air compressor which delivers 100% oil-free air at medium pressure and at a lower air flow. The PTS 800 offers unrivalled performance; optimal efficiency; and it uses Adblue®, a biodegradable solution which reduces the production of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) resulting in a cleaner emission. A compact compressor, it also has a smaller build on a wheeled frame for improved mobility. In addition, the engine of the PTS 800 has a stunning service interval that allows it to run for a longer time without a single break, for minimum down time.

Our total solution also comprised of a CDE400 adsorption dryer, HD95 heat exchanger, and a selection of air hoses and stainless steel hoses. The agility of these building blocks allowed us to provide a bespoke total solution to meet our customers’ requirements – making agility count.

This complex array of equipment worked together to provide the dry, hot air required by Radley Engineering. A sophisticated process, cold air is first produced by the PTS 800, this air is then dried by the CDE400.  The dry air then passes through the HD95 heat exchanger to be re – heated. The heat exchanger gets the energy required to heat the cold air from the compressor hot air outlet. Hot air is first guided through the heat exchanger, and flows back to the compressor, where it gets cooled in the after cooler before it leaves the compressor as cold air.

Each piece of equipment was tested in our South Shields Depot prior to being shipped to Northern Ireland where it was installed and commissioned by our certified engineers. With Atlas Copco Rental you always get more than just a machine!

Our total solution met the requirements of Radley Engineering and our equipment was delivered on time and performed seamlessly onsite for three-weeks, as scheduled.

We are delighted to say we have received positive feedback from Radley Engineering on the rental solution we provided, as well as the high-quality customer service they received from our team.  

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