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Four-digit pressure. Reaching 1000 bar.

Atlas Copco Rental can handle the pressure.

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The Atlas Copco Rental fleet covers all bases, to say the least. From sustainable electric-driven solutions to fuel-efficient Stage V diesel-driven equipment. From Nitrogen to Oil-Free air. But, did you know we have equipment that is so unique and specific to an industry, you might have never heard of it before?  

June 10, 2020

All set, and ready to Jet

More than often, we have to perform under pressure. This time … The pressure is off the charts! Introducing our diesel-driven high-pressure Jetting Unit, capable of reaching 1000 barg. Wait, one thousand? Yes! That about equals the pressure at the deepest point of the ocean. That’s 1000 times the pressure of our atmosphere. Or imagine an adult elephant, balancing on one leg, right on your big toe.

Pressure with the diver in mind

The Jetting Unit is the driving force behind high-pressure water jetting applications. It uses high-velocity streams of water, at high pressure, to remove or even cut through solid materials to clean various surfaces.

These applications involve highly skilled divers that take care of subsea inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Divers use handheld jetting guns fitted with a retro jet. It balances the flow through the jetting gun in both directions, that way the diver can always operate in a controlled – and safe - manner. The water is “jetted” from the pump, which remains high and dry, through the nozzle of the diver’s jetting gun.

Cleaning your car with 1000 bar pressure isn’t recommended. However, pressure this high is required to remove marine growth or debris from sub-sea structures. The approximate tensile strength of X65 – a commonly used pipeline grade steel for subsea Oil & Gas projects – is 5300barg/77.000psi. That’s why cleaning it with 1000 bar won’t damage the structure.

Now, we could keep talking about how it works. But, we decided to show it to you. The video below is a demonstration – on land for good visibility – of how the Jetting Unit operates.

We also have an application story of our BlastAir. Another very specialized Atlas Copco Rental Solution for Offshore Applications.

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James Cunningham

Sales Engineer

Gavin Sulley

Sales Application Engineer