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All Atlas Copco air motors are specifically designed with IP classification and ATEX certification for the demand of the energy industry. Our durable and extensive motor range offers class-leading performance in any challenging job.

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Compact motor

Up to 8 times more compact than electric motors for the same torque and speed required

Mounting solution

Unaffected by the mounting position and available with both food and flange mounting options

Ergonomic motor control solutions

Can be customized to have twist wring or lever for portable or handheld operations

Jobs that use the air motors

  • Orbital cutter
  • Split frame
  • Flange facer
  • Beveler
  • Hot tapping 
  • Boiler gun
  • Valve exerciser
  • Valve actuator
  • Saw
  • Line boring

Recommended air motor models

  • TZB25-L
    2.7 - 2.8 kW
    3.6 - 3.8 hp
  • LZB66-L
    1.41 - 1.87 kW
    1.89 - 2.51 hp
  • LZB77-L
    2.35 - 2.80 kW
    3.15 - 3.75 hp

Technical details of each model can be found in the leaflet below. 

Supporting accessories

  • Silencer
  • Multi-flex swivel
  • Remote start lever
  • FRL stand
  • Stainless steel motor cell 
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Download the leaflet and the air motor catalogue