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Challenges in roofing applications:

Modern motor vehicle roof structures must have a smooth appearance and provide noise reduction. They can be fabricated of various materials, such as aluminum, steel, plastics or carbon fiber, which all require special consideration. Atlas Copco's advanced joining process knowledge can support your manufacturing process.


Roof panels are so large they need to be supported and dampened to reduce noise during car operations. Hot butyl or rubber-based adhesives between the inner skin and outer panel is a common solution.

Bead application

 Bead application for anti-fluuter

Bead application for anti-fluuter

Traditionally most car manufacturers use standard bead applications not only for hybrid joining but also for anti-flutter applications. By connecting the inner and outer parts with elastic material, vulnerability to vibrations is successfully reduced. Bead applications are easy to handle and are a fast and reliable way for car manufacturers to achieve the needed effect.

Hem flange bonding

The hem flange describes a mechanical joint design used for joining inner and outer panels, such as doors, hoods, bonnets or liftgates. Hemmed seams are also important for the sunroof assembly. To increase crash resistance and to prevent corrosion, the gap between the hemmed panels has to be precisely filled with high-strength adhesive.

Swirl application

Swirl application for hem flange bonding

Swirl application for hem flange bonding

The swirl application is a method to improve production quality in hem flange bonding. This application is getting increasing attention in the industry due to its ability to offer excellent material distribution and a more reliable process window. The swirl technology enables applications from a distance up to 50mm and therefore offers high flexibility within the process. Our SCA E-Swirl 2 AdX BIW is ideal for exactly such applications. This applicator can handle beads as well as fixed and constricted swirl applications to match complex car geometries.

Bead application

Bead application for hem flange bonding

Applying a continuous bead is the established standard method for most car manufacturers. This application is fast and reliable. However, sometimes it can become quite difficult in the case of complex part geometries. Our experts are more than willing to help you to find the right application type, tailored to your needs.

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