Protecting our employees, our operations and the society where we operate

Our focus in the COVID-19 outbreak is to reduce risks and not spreading the disease further, within our own teams and with customers and other external stakeholders. This includes travel restrictions, protective health measures, avoid physical meetings and a work from home policy when and where circumstances allow. For employees who are not able to work from home, primarily in our production facilities, we take extra measures to make sure their work environment is as safe as possible.

As a global citizen and leading industrial solutions provider, Atlas Copco has a role to play in battling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our products and service solutions are key parts of many critical processes, like food and pharmaceutical production, water treatment, logistics, portable energy sources and medical air supply. We are working hard to safeguard as much of our operations as possible and help our customers and societies stay up and running. Due to governmental regulations and lockdowns, we have had to temporarily limit our production in some markets. Wherever possible, we maintain production directly related to critical sectors and supply chains.

These are uncertain times, but as a global citizen we will do everything we can to limit the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Group management