When it comes to Rental, there's far more to Atlas Copco than machines.

Let us show you everything that will take your temporary solution from good to great, from before, to during, to after the rental.

World class, state of the art equipment

What’s the recipe for state of the art equipment? Over 145 years of research, development and testing against the real-life industries and environmental conditions of over 140 countries in every corner of the earth.
Ready to upgrade to the best in the business for your contingency planning?

Diverse fleet to suit many applications

Onshore or offshore. Oil lubricated or oil-free air, nitrogen, power or steam... Machines or their accessories. Whatever your business requires, it might be time to consider our Total Solutions.

Contingency planning

When it comes to managing your business’s air, power and flow needs, it pays to be prepared. Not sure what you’d do if the worst were to happen? It might be time to consider our Rental’s Total Solutions to come to the rescue!

Design of the temporary installation

Our experts will assess with you your business’ needs and design a temporary solution to match. Had the same trusty machine for a decade before its collapse? Not sure what will meet a seasonal production variance? It might be time to contact us!

Freight and logistical solutions

Sometimes, getting there is the hardest part. But not this time! We handle all the logistics to get your solution to you quickly, safely, and in compliance with applicable regulations, whether you’re at a power plant, a mine, or a farm. Wish someone else would tackle the heavy lifting for once? well... that's definitely in the offer!

Energy management

Want to keep costs down and keep productivity up? Things can get out of hand in an emergency, but your bills shouldn’t have to. Our service engineers design your installation for energy efficiency, in line with Atlas Copco’s Sustainable Productivity pledge. 

Dedicated service technicians

Wish your service came with a little more support? We’re here for the life of your project. That’s why we have dedicated service technicians, so you can talk to someone with experience dealing with temporary installations. We will get all that sorted for you.

Installation and Commisioning

Anxious to get back online, sooner? Whatever industry you’re in, time lost is revenue lost. Our service technicians are trained to perform a speedy, effective installation of your temporary solution, leaving it completely operational, with the pressure and flow calculated in your installation design.

24/7 service and maintenance

Want the peace of mind that comes with constant support? The unexpected happens, but it shouldn’t take down your operation. With an Atlas Copco Total Solution, you’ll have access to 24/7 service and maintenance.

Onsite operators

Need a hand staying on track? After commissioning your installation, it’s fully ready to go. However, the machinery still needs maintenance. Not able to handle it in-house? Our operators can manage it for you, from a starting test-drive to a 24/7 operation.


Want a solution without the mess afterwards? A good decommission should leave your site exactly as it was before. When your rental is complete, we turn off the valves, disconnect the cables and shut down the source taps safely, in consultation with you. As soon as the machines are shut down, we ready them for transport.

When it comes to Rental, there's far more to Atlas Copco than machines.

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