Meet Leonah, Power Technique's newest addition to the Customer Service Team

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What do you do at Atlas Copco Power Technique?

At Atlas Copco I am an interning in the Customer Service Department as a Customer Service Representative. I assist in processing orders, issuing quotations, and answering phone calls from customers. 

What gets you most excited about your role in Atlas Copco Power Technique?

What excites me most is working with and interacting with customers, I also enjoy working as an administrator. That is the main reason I studied Business Administration. I also understand working with customers can be stressful at times but to me I consider it a blessing. At times customers can be frustrated by the time they reach you and in these situations, I have taught myself to remain calm and assist the customer with their problem and come up with a solution. The areas that I am passionate about is self-development and self-improvement. I’m always looking to challenge myself and learn new things. That’s one reason I enjoy working in Customer Service. In the short time amount of time, I have been here, I have learned great communication skills, listening skills, and problem-solving skills that help me in my day-to-day work but also in my personal life in terms of confidence and communication.

What gets you excited or interests you outside of your role?

My interests outside my role are sometimes playing netball. I have loved playing netball since I was in primary school, netball taught me how to be a team player, and to communicate. The thing about netball is before you pass the ball you must call out the name of the person, you're passing the ball to. This is also what happens when it comes to customer service, you communicate with your colleagues about what order has or has not been processed and ask if you don't understand what the customer requires.

How would you describe the culture/environment in Atlas Copco Power Technique?

In Power Technique, everyone is treated like family. One thing I have learned is caring about each other. The PT environment is very healthy and welcoming. Walking into my first corporate job, I thought I would be walking into a stifling environment but in PT you are allowed to make mistakes ask questions, and everyone’s opinion or idea matters.

Any tips for anyone wanting to join Atlas Copco Power Technique?

If you are a positive person wanting to pursue your dreams in a welcoming and healthy environment, at Atlas Copco Power Technique you won’t go wrong. After joining Atlas Copco, I don't have a negative attitude towards the job or the team, all I know is smiling, laughing, and getting along with everyone. I don't want to brag or anything but working at Atlas Copco is a blessing to me.