Higher performance and smaller footprint. An unprecedented cost- and space-saving solution.

Developed for real-life offshore applications with in-the-field experience, Atlas Copco Rental launches a new and compact offshore certified high-pressure compressor: the TwinAir 2800+. High-pressure compressed air plays a vital role in many offshore applications. From subsea construction to inspection and repairs, to drilling and pipeline services. The entire industry requires not only high-performance but compliance with the strictest guidelines and regulations. Equipment needs to be safe, compact, flexible, reliable, easy to operate, cost-effective and preferably 100% redundant. With all these factors in mind, Atlas Copco Rental developed the TwinAir 2800+, which is capable of meeting and exceeding these requirements.

Highest capacity. Smallest footprint. Lowest cost.

The new TwinAir 2800+ houses two identical diesel-driven air compressors in a single 20ft container and has been developed to provide the highest output and airflow on the smallest possible footprint. Let’s talk numbers. The TwinAir 2800+ has an airflow rate of 2800 cfm or 80m³/min – and a pressure range from 15 barg (220 psig) up to 35 barg (500 psig). The innovations don’t stop there. When space is limited, sometimes the only way is up. In compliance with ISO 14122 standards and offshore requirements, Atlas Copco Rental has developed a lightweight modular ergonomic work platform. It is equipped with a walkway and handrail, which provides safe access and excellent fall protection and thus significantly reducing risks of injuries to the operators. As a Stacked Solution, the TwinAir 2800+ can offer twice its capacity to a record-shattering 5.600 cfm on a 20ft footprint!

Control at all times.

The TwinAir 2800+ is equipped with new in-house developed innovative and smart Compressor Management System with remote control and monitoring features. All of this combined allows customers to save both on operational and energy costs on their projects.

Safety comes standard.

The TwinAir 2800+ is a Rigsafe and Safe Area compressor designed for offshore applications on vessels, drill rigs, and oil & gas platforms. This includes safety features like for example, but not limited to, overspeed protection, stainless braided fuel lines, spillage free frame, etc. Optionally, the TwinAir 2800+ can be equipped with gas detectors, which safely shuts down the compressor in the unlikely event of gas detection or similar hazards.

Certified and available immediately.

All components are installed in a functional, DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 certified 20ft ISO CSC container with 3 layers of heavy-duty paint, which makes the Total Solution suitable for arctic and desert type conditions. Optionally, it can be delivered compliant to NORSOK Z015 for the Norwegian market. The TwinAir 2800+, both as a single unit and stacked, is available now!

Higher performance and smaller footprint. An unprecedented cost- and space-saving solution.

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