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Green production & compressed air systems

How to become a green production company by adapting or replacing your compressed air system without losing air quality or compressed air system reliability.

Everything you need to know, from financial to energy savings, environmental impact, regulations, business cases, green compressed air technologies.

Download 10 steps green production guide

Green production Oil-free compressors

Becoming a green production company

How much can I save going green?

Take into account every cost of air generation

What return can you expect on your green production investment?

A green production company is a socially responsible company

Reliable green production systems

A new view on production plant reliability

For many businesses, a disruption to the compressed air supply is like a prolonged power outage – just more costly. That is why compressed air reliability is so important. Top-quality equipment and a central control and remote monitoring system can offer just that.

Read more about the ultimate compressed air reliability


Energy-efficient green production systems

There is something admirable about trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of an ageing machine. That in itself is a form of sustainability and resource preservation. However, in the case of air compressors, this is often neither efficient nor environment-friendly. With cutting edge variable speed drive technology that reduces energy use and energy costs by up to 50 percent, not upgrading to a new compressor is often much more wasteful than sticking with an old model.

See the environmental impact of your energy savings

How to use this carbon reduction estimator?

Step 1: Select your currency and unit of measurement

Step 2: Fill in your annual running hours, system power, and electrical cost per hour

Step 3: Choose the percentage of energy saving 

1 bar air pressure band reduction: 7%
Changing from fixed speed to VSD: 35%
Changing from fixed speed to VSD+: 50%
Installing an energy recovery system: 94%

Step 4: Select the numbers of years to visualize saving over time

Have a look at the estimation of your reduction in electricity costs and your CO2 reduction.  To make it more tangible, we visualized the reduction in CO2 in more common comparisons such as CO2 emissions from charged smartphones and a households' yearly electricity use.

Environmental regulations and energy efficiency tax incentives

Steps to go green

Discover our 10 steps guide for green production

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to make compressed air systems more efficient while saving money and the environment at the same time?

The bad news is that there isn’t one way to do that. The great news is that there are ten ways

Best of all, some of them involve things you can do today and that will cost you hardly anything at all. By the end of the day, you could already be saving money.

If you want to know how, check out our new “10-step guide to a greener, better, and more efficient production.”

10 step guide to greener and more efficient production - cover
This guide to carbon reduction in production is intended to increase awareness of the potential savings in compressed air generation, treatment, and distribution. ​

It is intended to give you an introduction and understanding of compressed air system design and operation to enable you to ask more informed questions to a compressed air expert. ​

​The guide has been written for compressed air users and the calculations contained are estimations for guidance. We still recommend a detailed audit by compressed air specialists to assess detailed saving potential. ​

Download here our 10 steps guide to green production

Go green: arguments, risks & how to

Green production practices

Total cost of ownership at Aquafin


When is technology green?

Discover our range of oil-free air compressors, energy recovery and CO2 recovery systems

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Medium pressure smart AIR solutions

Smart AIR solutions, are a complete range of air or gas solution designed to provide our customers with the lowest life cycle costs for their equipment. You can download here an overview of our medium pressure products covering a flow rate from 25-8500 l/s or 53-18010 cfm or 1.5-510 m3/min. Our medium pressure products include air compressors, air dryers and filters, water coolers, nitrogen generators and energy recovery systems.