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High pressure hydrogen compressor for mobility H2Y

Any application requiring hydrogen needs a continuous reliable and safe operation. All our H2 compression equipment meets major international and local safety codes.

You can rely on our compressed hydrogen technology and support worldwide.

hydrogen compressor for mobility h2y
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Our presence in your hydrogen mobility process

From “FastFill” large flow H2 fill station solutions to daughter stations employed in a virtual pipeline.

From start to finish, we have your hydrogen boosters delivery chain covered with efficient, reliable and safe solutions.

On-line H2 fueling stations

  • Fast-fill, Time-fill & Combination fill
  • Use of VSD and Proportional control system we offer tun down capabilities up to 100%


Fast-fill, time-fill and combination-fill stations all rely on a constant supply of compressed gas. Having a reliable hydrogen fueling installation is key as possible downtime of your compressed gas installation immediately impacts your revenue.

hydrogen mobility fueling compressed gas installation

Our compressed gas solutions are reliable and efficient. Our Plug and play units with containerization ensure a hassle-free, factory- tested solution having a long lifetime of trouble-free operation. Our technology ensures 100% oil-free compressed hydrogen which is critical to the success of our customers 

Mother & daughter hydrogen stations

  • Possibility of variable inlet pressure
  • Logic internal managed to change filling regime based on inlet pressure and flow rate
  • Maintain constant flow rate


When you are creating a virtual gas pipeline from the supply line to a daughter station, your main focus is an efficient process. 
Make sure you minimize pressure losses and ensure the same high efficiency as you would expect when filling directly from a supply line.


Our H2 hydraulic compressor packages for daughter stations help you

  • to decrease unloading time and 
  • increase the amount of gas unloaded
  •  to significantly reduce energy consumption as it automatically adjusts to the inlet pressure, preventing pressure losses through regulators.


Technical benefits

Experience in the hydrogen industry
Atlas Copco has leveraged its years of experience in hydrogen compression. From customer feedback to innovation in our product design for building products with long service intervals and short and prompt service interventions.
24/7, global presence for maximum uptime
You can enjoy maximum uptime thanks to our extensive global network. Our service technicians are present in more than 180 countries.  They provide training and support to enable you to quickly learn how to operate remotely and resolve your on-site challenges
Tested hydrogen plug and play compressors

With our plug & play solutions, you can save yourself unnecessary installation costs. Each unit is pre-wired and fully tested with helium before leaving our factory. We ensure it is ready for operation upon arrival.

Our complete scope includes everything to run the unit in a compact design and an integrated package. The package includes the cooling system, container, the control and monitoring system. All components are factory tested before delivery.


Technical specifications

Technical specs
  • Mini inlet 5 bar, max discharge 1000 bar (g)
  • Up to 500 Nm3/H 
  • Up to 110 KW and more in different configurations
  • Water Cooled Global installations in mobility & grid injection applications 
  • Standard plug & play containerized design for trailer filling & hydrogen refueling stations
Hydrogen compressor H2Y for mobility
Hydrogen mobility
The complete package
  • Containerized solution
    Noise reduction
    Fire resistance
  • Closed loop cooling system
  • H2 Storage modules 
  • Dispenser solutions

Related products

Related products

We supply hydrogen equipment employed along the entire hydrogen value chain. Besides that, we deliver highly efficient, safe, and reliable equipment for a host of renewable energy applications. Our offering extends from hydrogen compressors for stations and H2 production sites. Carbon capture and recovery in large industrial sites. And biogas upgrading plants.