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A virtual dust free application site when abrasive blasting? Thanks to Graco’s EcoQuip2 unit teamed up with an Atlas Copco mobile compressor, you can experience up to 92% dust reduction; allowing you to work faster, cleaner and greener.

Abrasive blasting generally generates a lot of dust

Minimize the dust generated by abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is a major application which requires high quality, reliable compressed air. Historically, this application has created a lot of dust, and without extensive safety precautions has many potential health hazards for users, along with a number of environmental concerns.
Graco teams up with Atlas Copco versatility range

Graco teams up with Atlas Copco versatility range

GRACO has come up with EcoQuip2, a solution to address some of the issues associated with the application and market segment. EcoQuip2 runs on Vapor Abrasive Technology. Here, the abrasive media is no longer dry; but is maintained moist by adding water in the abrasive hopper. The result is a virtually dust free application site, with up to 92% dust reduction. The new technology focusses on faster, cleaner, greener. Providing a triple benefit for everyone.

Discover the Truck Tour

GRACO has planned a marketing initiative in the form of a Truck Tour. They propose to cover 70 locations across Europe in three months. We are partnering with them by providing a XAHS 237 Stage 4 unit.

Why select the XAHS 237 mobile air compressor?

The XAHS 237 versatile mobile air compressor, perfect for abrasive blasting applications

The XAHS 237 versatile mobile air compressor; perfect for abrasive blasting applications

- Perfect flow and pressure for this application - delivering 14.5 m3/min at 12 bar. - Easy to tow and move – single axle chassis with adjustable tow bar (weight below 3500 Kg). - Three layer paint protection – perfect for abrasive work environments. - Ergonomically designed air flow system – maximizing operator comfort. - XC2003 controller. - Stage 4 compliant MTU engine. - Wide list of options, allowing customization.

The quality of a blast job is only as good as the air that is being provided. When it comes to live demonstrations, we need performance, reliability and to show our products in the very best light. Our new Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment allows you to expand your business with different applications. The vision is to make operations faster, cleaner and greener. Atlas Copco is the perfect partner to make this vision a reality.

Tom Vandevenne , Trade Marketing Specialist, GRACO Europe

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