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Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
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Service friendly

Easy access to all service points. The air filter can be replaced without using tools

Less wear

An automatic lock prevents excessive wear on the shock absorbers in connection with lifting and transport

Great traction

Balanced design gives excellent traction and

Easy handling

The single lifting point and the rollers on the steering bow make on-site handling easier

Throttle control

Fixed positions keep the throttle in condition and reduce fuel consumption

Get closer

The handles of the new LT 8005 are less wide. This enhances the ability to work in narrow spaces or close to obstacles

Power and ergonomics

The new LT8005 rammer provides even more effective compaction enabling the user to get an even higher quality end result. A robust, reliable engine ensures maximum uptime and ease of maintenance is a built-in feature of the smart design.

Technical specifications

LT 8005 rammers


LT 8005

280mm - 11"

LT 8005

330mm - 13"

Operating weight kg (lb) 93 (205) 94 (207)
Frequency Hz (rpm) 12 (720) 12 (720)
Amplitude mm (in) 75-85 (2.9-3.3) 75-85 (2.9-3.3)
Working speed m/min (ft/min) 13-16 (43-52) 13-16 (43-52)
H/A vibration m/s² 11.9 11.9
Sound power, guaranteed Lw dB(A) 107 107
Sound pressure at operators ear Lp dB(A) 95 95
Plate width mm (in) 280 (11) 330 (13)
Plate length mm (in) 330 (13.1) 330 (13.1)
LxWxH mm (in)





Brand   Hatz Hatz
Model   1B20 1B20
Power kW (hp) 3 (4) 3 (4)
Part number   3382 0005 49 3382 0005 81
LTT trolley, part number   3382 0003 48 3382 0003 48