Morillo Energy Rent relies on Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems to meet its sustainability goals

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2022. június 17.

With over 60 years of experience delivering energy solutions, Morillo Energy Rent aims to be an active player in the crusade against climate change and the energy transition within the temporary power rental sector. To achieve these goals, the Spanish company has recently purchased several ZenergiZe ZBP 45 Energy Storage Systems from Atlas Copco. 

Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems ZBP

Atlas Copco ZBP Energy Storage Systems acquired by Morillo Energy Rent

Designed with sustainability in mind, Atlas Copco’s ZenergiZe range of Energy Storage Systems delivers zero CO2 emissions and zero noise, with minimum maintenance needs, enabling operators to reduce their environmental impact while benefiting from a low cost of ownership. These lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems can be used as standalone solutions or combined with generators to create a hybrid power solution, ideal for applications that require high technical demands such as events, fixed installations, construction operations, and telecommunications. The model ZBP 45 offers rated power of 45kVa, and energy storage capacities of 45kWh, capable of delivering small-medium power with long autonomy.

Energy Storage Systems offer multiple advantages for rental companies. Miguel Angel Artiel, Technical Director for Morillo Energy Rent highlights that the main benefit that the battery-driven units bring is that “they make it possible to store energy generated with renewable systems, improving their flexibility. Technologies that facilitate this flexibility are the pillars of the energy transition process to accelerate decarbonisation. They are the nexus that links generation and consumption, as these innovative solutions allow the energy generated to be stored until its use is required, both in projects with GW, MW, and kW self-consumption scales. They can act as a single load or as an alternating source of electricity, achieving a continuous balance between generation and demand by compensating for variations in both.”

Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems ZBP hybrid mode

A ZBP 45 Energy Storage System and a QAS 50 power generator working in hybrid mode in Montmeló

Regarding the advantages of working in hybrid mode, Morillo’s Technical Director comments “the use of an Energy Storage System combined with a generator enables smart load management, increasing the available power output and reducing operating costs, as well as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Undoubtedly, the combination of various production assets takes us a step further in terms of project profitability by loading slow and unloading fast.”

Thanks to Copco’s ZBP 45 Energy Storage Systems, Morillo’s customers can obtain the power they need while meeting their sustainability targets without compromising performance, productivity, or efficiency.

Just a few weeks after these machines were delivered, one of the ZBP models was involved in a power supply project in the Spanish Formula One (F1) Grand Prix hosted in Montmeló. The sixth round of the 2022 F1 World Championship, which took place in Barcelona, registered an attendance of about 278,000 spectators. During that weekend, installed by Morillo Energy Rent, an Atlas Copco ZBP 45 Energy Storage System and a power generator of 50 kVA working in hybrid mode fed 10 stands and a HiLight B5+ light tower.

For us, the future of power supply lies in diversifying energy generation, and Energy Storage Systems will help us to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. We trust Atlas Copco to purchase our Energy Storage Systems because they are the first global generator manufacturer to address the market’s needs with such a concept. At Morillo, we focus on structural transformation through the acquisition of new models of energy production that are cleaner. We firmly believe that diversification is the key to the future of energy, and we will continue to work along these lines to offer intelligent and innovative solutions to our customers, achieving greater efficiency and sustainability in their activities.

Jaume Cayetano , Commercial Director at Morillo Energy Rent

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Morillo Energy Rent relies on Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems to meet its sustainability goals

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