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Air compressors, boosters and air treatment equipment rental

How to rent the right solution for your needs

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Renting your next air compressor or booster from Atlas Copco

A lot of organizations have chosen for temporary rental solutions from us!

When looking to rent an air compressor, a booster or air treatment equipment (such as dryers, filters or heat exchangers) it’s important to really understand your needs and any hidden cost factors. Looking at just the rental cost doesn’t give you the full picture. To give an example, one solution might be more expensive than another due to specialized equipment, but it’s quicker so work can restart sooner, which generates additional revenue for you.

Selecting the right compressed air solution to rent is more than simply looking at the pressure and flow you need. For each of your projects, our experts will investigate a number of points, including:


Is there a variation between the maximum and minimum operating pressure?


Is the maximum flow constant or in peaks? And, what’s the average consumption?

Air quality

What air quality does your application need? This is measured on: solid particles; water content; and oil content.


What is the reference temperature? This has an immediate impact on flow.

What can you expect from Atlas Copco Rental?

  • Expert project sizing – correctly sizing your project (e.g. air flow, pressure, temperature, dew point, etc.) is essential before deciding which equipment you need.
  • Investigation of the area available for installation – space constraints and proximity to installation frames or other connection points are also important considerations for your rental solution.
  • Certifications and conformities – Atlas Copco will meet your needs concerning occupational safety, quality, transportation and environmental regulations.
  • Training – quality training for both emergency and maximum efficiency performance of your rented equipment.
  • Technical Support – available 24/7, Atlas Copco’s expert technicians are available when and where you need them to minimize downtime and maximize performance.
  • Preventative maintenance – Atlas Copco expert technicians perform preventative maintenance to ensure maximum uptime without any additional costs for you.
  • Specialized equipment – experience the right equipment for the project, every time.

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