Air motors for top performance

Air motors

For a top performance in demanding applications - set things in motion with air.

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The air motors is one of the toughest and most versatile power units available to the design engineer. Why?
- it has high power to weight ratio
- it has steplessly adjustable power output
- it is undamaged by overloads
- an air motor is ideal in hazardous environments
- it is reversible

Rotating direction

Reversible models for maximum flexibility. Clockwise and counter clockwise for maximum performance.

Keyed shaft

Keyed shaft

Industry standard shaft that enable torque transmission.

Threaded shaft

Threaded shaft

Threaded shaft options for flexibility in load transmission.

Shaft load

Shaft load
Designed to handle high radial and axial load generated by the transmission.

Mounting options

Mounting options
Flexible mounting options to meet application needs.


Well sealed off to prevent internal and external leakage.

Air motor side

Explosion proof
All motors are certified in compliance with ATEX directive.

Air motor stainless steel

Stainless steel range
Enlarge the field of applications where the environment is corrosive.

Air motor design

Machined parts secure durability and high performance.

Air motor vanes

Can be run without lubrication for easy handling and maintain clean working environment.

Air motor cell

Motor cell
The heart of the motor is designed for maximum efficiency. Available in stainless steel optimizing performance in humid atmospheres.

Air motor gear package

Gear package
Designed for long service life and durability.

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