Station hardware

Help you avoid costly reworking, raise productivity and ensure quality on your production line


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Quality checks are better and faster with STa 6000
Color display: clear feedback on test result, custom measure screen
Ergonomics: easy to be carried along the line
Memory: 50000 results and high resolution traces
Full text notes for traceability
Calibration: Power Focus, Power MACS and PST automatic calibration
TT BLM: Wi-Fi connection, smart Excel database
Torque Supervisor full integration



Station hardware


Selector old

Socket and bit selectors minimize the risk of errors relating to product diversity by automatically selecting correct torque according to the socket or bit selected.


Stacklight for quality integrated fastening

Lamps and a buzzer give clear feedback and a key switch can be used to acknowledge errors. This arrangement enables you to detect errors at the workstation and correct them in station instead of further down the line.

Operator panels

Operator panel for quality integrated fastening

Command buttons and integrated lamps provide a highly effective operator interface and enable manual selection of various program settings.


MiniDisplay for error proofing

Mini display with Operator Guidance software shows photo of the product on the screen, clearly indicating joints to be tightened and giving build instructions.


Wea Flex tool accessory for quality integrated fastening

WEAFlex is a Wireless Ethernet Adapter (WEA) supporting Wireless LAN 802.11b/g interface. Powered by the controller (24vDC), WEAFlex converts the Ethernet port to a Wireless port. This enables communication with ToolsNet for data collection, ToolsTalk for remote programming without USB or Serial cables, production systems or just to exchange information with another controller for a cell job or synchronization.

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