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Accessories and Controllers

Atlas Copco’s Elec Cab and ES central controllers are designed to convert standalone fixed speed machines into intelligent vacuum systems. Besides Controllers and market -leading vacuum pumps, Atlas Copco is dedicated to delivering a complete solution for your specific vacuum needs. Therefore a wide range of accessories is available, from pre-filtration on inlet side to process piping and outlet filtration. These include Knockout Pots, Filtration systems, Liquid Separators, Vacuum receivers, Valves and Vessels.

We recommend to consider

Pipework should slope away from the pump inlet and outlet.

Liquid running back into the pump's exhaust can damage it as much as when it is sucked into the inlet.

Think about vacuum gauge location and measurement range.

Put tappings where you want to monitor pressure and also rate of pressure rise (leak rate quantification).

Fit inlet commissioning screens and/or filters

Fit liquid separators on the pump inlet as necessary

Do not forget to allow adequate maintenance access