Secoroc 250 - The premium rock drill for every demand.

The Secoroc 250 is manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory using only premium materials. It has been extensively tested with excellent results on some of the toughest mining markets in the world. Weighing in at only 35 kg, makes the Secoroc 250 an excellent power to weight ratio drill with low vibration. The market leading design makes it easy to service and repair, and interchangeable with parts from existing rock drills.

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Secoroc 7655 - Economical yet powerful.

The Secoroc 7655 rock drill is an economical, reliable and durable all-round rock drill which suits most drilling applications. The D-version of the 7655 is a robust and reliable CE certified rock drill. It requires less working air pressure and has lower air consumption than the 7655. This makes it suitable for work-sites with low airline pressure or low compressor capacity. Due to the fact that this drill is not as powerful as the YT27/ YT29, it has become very appreciated in softer rock conditions.

Secoroc YT27 - Efficient all-rounder.

While efficient and with a low energy consumption, the Secoroc YT27 is durable, reliable and suitable for all applications and all kinds of rock. This rock drill has become the operator's choice in small scale mining operations, and today it's the preferred model in the most important mining markets in South Africa.

Secoroc YT28 - The versatile choice.

The Secoroc YT28 rock drill has strong adaptability to the working conditions. YT28 is energy efficient and all components have long endurance and durability. The YT28 can be equipped with pusher leg FT160BC.

Secoroc YT29A - Robust design and high impact energy.

The Secoroc YT29A rock drill is the most rugged, powerful and highly efficient rock drill in the range. It provides improved productivity and drill steel economy and can be used on all rock formations and in various applications. It's available in two versions. The YT29A is our standard model and the YT29AE is equipped with an anti-vibration handle and a larger silencer. Both rock drills are CE certified.

Secoroc YSP45 - Affordable versatility and productivity.

The Secoroc stoper rock drill, YSP45, is of robust design for tough working conditions. It's high impact frequency makes it perfect for production drilling, driving of raises and bolting applications. The stoper is available with both hex 22 mm and hex 25 mm chuck bushing. It can also be set up for collarless drill rods as well as with retainer (YSP45K) if needed.